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Bonnie Smith

Louisville, Georgia, United States


This little Mama made a nest in this birdhouse that hangs over my deck last year. They had four beautiful babies that flew. This was the first time I had seen them in my yard and I hoped they would come back this year and they have! They are shy birds that don’t really like to be around humans. I capture them through my back window and my backdoor window. They look forever before entering the birdhouse and the male signals her when it’s o.k. most of the time. I have really enjoyed this pair of Great Crested Flycatchers…

What Will Little Mama Bring Next?

What will mama bring home next for house decor...

3 responses to “What will little Mama bring next?”

  1. Andrew says:

    What are the flycatchers nesting in?

  2. Omar Bronstein says:

    So cute!

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