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Jody McBeath

Burleson, TX, United States


First time I had a Bluebird lay white eggs!


Nests in boxes

White Bluebird Eggs In Nest Box.

6 white Bluebird eggs!

5 responses to “White Bluebird eggs in nest box.”

  1. Curtis says:

    I have noticed that my female bluebird is laying white eggs. This must be a new pair from last yr because the female layer blue eggs. I so glad I googled bluebird laying white eggs because I almost removed them.

  2. Russ dunbar says:

    Same. I almost cleaned out my bb box when I saw white eggs. After waiting another day I saw a female bird coming from the box then I googled to discover that 4-5% lay white eggs. How cool is this!

  3. Mark Kennedy says:

    I just discovered white blue bird eggs today !!!

  4. Laura says:

    My bluebirds have 6 white eggs this year. I have bluebirds every year, but this is the first time I’ve seen white eggs. Jasper, IN

  5. Ana Harmon says:

    We have been monitoring blue bird boxes for 28 years in our back yards. Started in Indiana and then moved to N.J. This year 2022 is the first time that the bluebirds laid white eggs. So Happy I researched it.

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