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Lynn Hui

Collierville, TN, USA


I’ve hung a sack of nyger/thistle since winter and only one goldfinch has come during the winter. My area has a lot of mature shade trees; maybe that’s why. The sack is also moldy. Any suggestions for attracting them?



Why Aren’t Goldfinches Coming?

15 responses to “Why aren’t goldfinches coming?”

  1. Coco Quinn says:

    Goldfinches primarily eat seeds, which means they are big fans of bird feeders. … Seeds may be their food of choice, but goldfinches also occasionally enjoy the bark of young twigs, fresh tree buds and maple sap. …
    A few favorites include asters, coneflowers, sunflowers and, of course, thistles. So maybe just make sure to put out some birdfeeders, change the sack, and plants some flowers. I hope this can help you, and please let us know if they come!

  2. Kaelis N. says:

    I’ve also seen them feeding off my suet feeders.

  3. Coco Quinn says:

    Kaelis N. Samee!

  4. Kaelis N. says:

    Do you mean same?

  5. Micah Grove says:

    Am I the only person that dose not have a feeder? I have seed but plan on making a platform feeder soon.

  6. Coco Quinn says:

    Yes Kaelis, i mean same.

  7. Coco Quinn says:

    I have three feeders, I’ve never not had a feeder. I doubt your the only one. Cool, make sure to post a picture of a bird on your feeder! I’ve never made any feeders before, the most I’ve done is add something to, or edit a feeder of mine. I feel like i probably could build one, but just haven’t had the time to. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  8. Micah Grove says:

    Okay, I think that bird feeders are the lazy way bird!

  9. Coco Quinn says:

    Lazy way to bird, is that what you meant?😕

  10. Kaelis N. says:

    I don’t think it’s lazy, I just like attracting birds to my yard!

  11. Micah Grove says:

    Yep, thats what I said, easy is a better way to say that, and feeding the birds is great! and you get entertainment at home…I’m cheep (I don’t like to spend money) thats why I don’t own one.

  12. Coco Quinn says:

    Ahh okay. That makes more sense, sorry i couldn’t understand. Everyone is different with the ways they attract birds or how much money they want to spend, which i respect that. And besides, i don’t even spend that much money on my feeders, most of them i’ve had for a long time, years. Which helps, cause like you I don’t like to spend that much money either… I don’t get fancy ones, just regular ones that seem practical and useful. 🙂

  13. Biker( Micah Grove)heheh yeet says:

    Yeah thx for understanding.

  14. Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

    Hi Lynn, you might be interested in posting these to Project FeederWatch’s public gallery. Project FeederWatch deals with feeder birds and can offer much better advice when you have questions about them, whereas we here at NestWatch only deal with nesting birds.

  15. Eric Mocsari says:

    We have tons in East Tennessee. Buy a new sock and see if that works.

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