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Matthew Baruzzini

Ardmore, TN, USA


Wood Duck swimming In Pond



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Wood Duck

Wood Duck In Pond

4 responses to “Wood Duck”

  1. Emilee Weir says:

    Spectacular shot of an absolutely gorgeous male!

    Frankly, I’m slightly jealous of people who see Wood Ducks in the wild. For as many times as I’ve seen them in captivity, I’ve never seen one in the wild. They are the one species that continues to evade me, even as the people I bird with see them and while I bird in local hotspots!

  2. Matthew Baruzzini says:

    Thank you! Yeah, they’re my favourite species of duck.

  3. Texas Bird Family says:

    I’ve never seen a Wood Duck before. Hoping to see some!

  4. Texas Bird Family says:

    My favorite type of duck are Muscovy Ducks.🙂

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