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Jill Putnam

Fredonia, NY, USA


This nest is located in a concord grape vineyard in western New York. The nest is built around some goldenrod stems, just off the ground. A small rusty brown colored bird with a white breast and brown spots flew out of the nest. My husband was weed whacking when he saw the nest and stopped. The photo was taken on May 26, 2019, and there were 4 eggs in the clutch.


Open cup nests


Wood Thrush Nest

Wood thrush nest in the vineyard.

One response to “Wood thrush nest”

  1. Robyn Bailey, NestWatch Project Leader says:

    Hi, this looks like the nest of a Red-winged Blackbird to me. Compare the female of that species with the bird you saw to confirm the ID. Wood Thrush eggs are blue but unspotted, and they don’t usually nest near the ground. I hope they weren’t too scared by the weed whacker.

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