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Mia, John, Abby, Johny C

Katy, TX, USA


Baby Cowbird in a nest. Eggs need ID. White with brown speckles. The eggs are about an inch long. There are two eggs. The nest was made of mostly sticks and lots of white down feathers. Any ID?


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Young Cowbird In Nest

Baby Cowbird and two eggs

10 responses to “Young Cowbird in nest”

  1. Ava Johnson says:

    What kind of habitat is around the nest? Forest, grassland, etc.

  2. Ava says:

    Also, how high up is the nest?

  3. Ava Johnson says:

    I think it’s probably a Northern Cardinal nest. I see you tagged it Carolina Chickadee, but they nest in cavities and nestboxes, so it can’t be their nest.

  4. Ava Johnson says:

    That Cowbird looks really old even though the other eggs haven’t even hatched!

  5. It’s a cardinal eggs.

  6. Texas Bird Family says:

    It’s in a park. About 25 feet from a lake. I hope the cardinals hatch soon! The cowbird is really cute. It’s doing a good job keeping the eggs warm while the mother is away.

  7. Texas Bird Family says:

    We saw it today and it has blue feathers, a black beak, and white and black on its face.

  8. Texas Bird Family says:

    Its a Blue Jay

  9. Texas Bird Family says:

    Not a cowbird

  10. Texas Bird Family says:

    It’s actually a shrike!

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