Killdeer Nest

Killdeer Nest I stumbled across at Belfair State Park.

Not a chicken

Carolina Chickadee Eggs

Black Vulture nest with 1st of 2 eggs

The nest site was on the ground within a hollow at the base of a large (living) red oak tree. This oak was located in deep mature woods at the edge of a sharp drop/cliff along a small river. The ‘nest’ contained no nesting material. This photo,taken on April 15, 2015, shows the first of two eggs (approximately 3.5-4 inches long; note the size of oak leaves in the photo). I carefully revisited the nest on June 29, 2015 and there were two chicken-sized black vulture chicks with dirty white down feathers. I could smell the stench of the nest site about 75 feet away from the nest. The adults were not present during either visit.

Northern Cardinal Eggs

Eggs from our first Nest Watch!

4 cozy robin eggs

Beautiful Robin eggs

Eastern Kingbirds “Dock Birds”

Gray Catbird eggs

Robin eggs

Four beautiful blue eggs!

Eggs and Rocks

The Killdeers put there nest in the middle of the old road leading to the lake.

Beautiful Blue

Treasures in the mud

White Eastern Bluebird eggs

Unusual occurrence of pearly pink/white Eastern Bluebird eggs.
In monitored nestbox. Clearly an EABL nest. Adult EABLs have been observed defending and tending nest.
The first white EABL eggs observed in 15 years in 50+ nest box trail.
A fourth egg was laid after this photo was taken.
Photo on July 5, 2015; estimated first egg on July 3, 2015.

Eastern Bluebird eggs

Second Eastern Bluebird clutch of the season in this nestbox. Photo June 23, 2015.

Soo Tiny – Chickadee Eggs

Eggs Hatching

3 of the 6 eggs have hatched.

First Egg

House wren nest

I typically get 7 house wren eggs in this nest box which was specifically designed for wrens. It’s very small.

Eggs make nice pillows

American Kestrel nestlings from the nest box we built.

Two Beautiful Hummingbird eggs.

Eight…Yup they are all there

Mama mute swan checks and turns her eggs before settling in for another day of incubation.

First family…

We had our tree planted by Tree Philly in 2012. This is our first family for out lovely tree.

Hidden Treasure

We accidentally flushed this turkey off her nest while walking in the woods. She was so well hidden under a bush we never would have seen her if she hadn’t flushed. We were able to quickly take a picture of the eggs and move on. Fortunately the sun was just right – diffused by the foliage and dabbling the eggs with splashes of light.

And the journey begins…

When a egg hatched it has a long life to live, hard winters, finding a mate, then having and feeding eggs.

Cardinals Eggs

Clutch of 8

A clutch of 8 Mountain Bluebird eggs in one of 49 nest boxes along Rocky Mtn. Road in SW Montana.

Baby Blues

I noticed a nest int he crape myrtle outside my bedroom window. When I investigated, I found these 3 beautiful eggs! Every day I watch Mamma Robin sitting on the nest! Can’t wait for them to hatch!

Whip-poor-will near-miss

Accidentally flushed an adult Eastern Whip-poor-will off this nest while walking in the bush; good thing it flushed, I would have stepped on the eggs! Breathed a sigh of relief, snapped this photo, then gave it a wide berth; so grateful to have encountered this treasure.

A Big (baby) brother

Gray Flycatcher Nest

“Bird’s Eye View” of a Gray Flycatcher nest situated on a branch against the trunk of a ponderosa pine tree. Nest located approximately 20 feet high and photo take with a cell phone attached to an extension pole and the phones camera set on selfie mode.

Barn Swallow Eggs

Carolina wren

A Carolina wren has built this nest on my back deck about 2 feet to the right of my main entry door. They built the nest on a shelf of a corner piece I put there for plants. They originally started a nest in a 5″ potted plant. They were determined so I stuck some pieces of cardboard behind the nest the restarted to keep it from falling. This is the first egg laid 7/9/15 and she’s added an egg each day to #4 this morning. I’ve had nests on this deck before so I think we can be careful and not disturb them too much. But I will be getting more pix!

Killdeer Nest

Killdeer nest on edge of driveway.

House Wren eggs

House Wren egs

Northern Mockingbird eggs

Beauty is Revealed

The first of the clutch to hatch in our Barn Swallow family.

Three Robin Eggs

Eastern Bluebird Eggs – 2015 1st brood

Carolina Wren Nest

Speckled eggs

quail eggs

American Robin Eggs

I stumbled upon this nest on accident when the mother flew off. they hatched only a few days later ,and I got lucky enough to see them fledge.

Front porch nursery

4 robin’s eggs in the front porch flower basket.

Beautiful Blue Bird Eggs

American Robin Nest

Song Sparrow Nest

Black oystercatcher nest

Black oystercatcher nest. Prince William Sound, Alaska Taken May 2015

Chipping sparrow eggs and Cowbird egg

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology