Ducklings’ Treehouse

Hello World


Our first chickadee brood this season.

Soon-to-be Bluebird Fledgling!


I was making dinner when I noticed the babies from our nest hopping all over the backyard. Much to the nervous parents’ dismay, I had to get a few pictures.

Hungry babies

Wren nest in a box on the side of our house.

Big day

This was the first baby to leave the nest. This was just a few minutes after the first flight.

Tricolored heron coffee fix

Tri-colored heron juvenile staring down the camera looking like he has had too much coffee

Watchful Merganzers

Hurry up!!

Baby Bluebird waiting for food.

Lil Cardinals

Fledglings from our first nest watch!

chipping sparrow chick

A fledgling chipping sparrow seen at Bergen Community College Campus / Orchard Hills golf course.

I see you!

Cute baby robin watching camera with a bright, wide eye. Notice the other chick in the back, with his beak in the air.

Sleepy Fledgling

Nap time


A yellow warbler fledgling pondering about going for a dip in the river

Nearly time to go.

Mama chose a Bluebird home to build her nest. That is OK.

Common Kestrel

Common Kestrel

This little guy was hanging out on our hotel balcony. I think he just fledged and Mom was on the balcony above us.

Eastern Kingbirds “Dock Birds”

Baby Loon testing wings and giving a display.

Not only were these two young practicing diving, but copying their parent’s displays.

Merganser Mother and two young.

The mother Merganser watched as the 2 babies slept on the shore for an hour. One baby joined its mother for a while, waiting for the other to take its time getting down to the shore for another fishing trip on Lac Mercier.

Swimming Takes it out of You

Two babies for the returning Common Loons on our cottage lake. They are about 3.5 weeks old here, and have been learning to dive. The parents are quite patient with us as we usually drift along in the canoe and they don’t call out any distress calls at all. They are more concerned with what appears to be a returning male from 2 years ago. (Their chicks died last year).

First encounter

A young yellow warbler joyfully perched atop a tree peak

I’m Sleepy

This GHO was sitting in the V of an old snag. Its mother was perched nearby watching over her baby.

What’s taking you so long?

I’m still waiting….

Robin fledgling

Newly hatched catbirds

Coop in the Canopy

A juvenile Cooper’s Hawk explores the canopy surrounding its nest tree during its “fledge week.”

Cooper’s Hawk siblings on the lawn

Two juvenile Cooper’s Hawk take a break from play-hunting a squirrel to socialize in the lawn near their nest.

Yellow warbler fledgling

A young yellow warbler bouncing about the trees intrigued by my presence

Western Bluebird mother and her three chicks

Baby Peregrine Falcon

“Cutie” The Baby Piping Plover

This was the first chick to be found on the Shores of Lake Ontario since 1984. July 25, 2015.

I’m hungry and grumpy – where’s Mom?!

The nest is about 10 feet above ground in a 35′ Blue Spruce in Evergreen, CO at about 7500′ in elevation. The babies are about 15 days old (m/l) at this point in time. Canon 6D at 400mm.

Broadtails having fun growing up

Nest is about 10 feet above ground in a 35′ Blue Spruce in Evergreen CO at 7500′ in elevation. Babies were about 15 days old (m/l) at this point in time. Canon 6D at 400mm.

I didn’t do it

Virginia Rail with chicks

Virginia Rail and chick

Common Tern mother with her two cute chicks

This is one of many common term mothers whose chicks hatched and were being feed and nurtured by both mommy and daddy tern. These two were so very cute as they climb in and out from under their mommy as they awaited daddy’s return with food.

Here I am!

What a Face!

This is a Herring Gull chick. I was visiting this gull rookery as a part of the Field Ornithology course I took on Hog Island.

Let’s Sit Together

Great horned owlets sitting together above the nest

Great Horned Owlet

You look better upside down

Baby Loon under her wing

Baby Loon Wing Flap

Stuck in the Middle

Mute Swan Cygnets

Mute Swan Cygnet

learning life skills

Baby Kingbirds on Nest

Baby Kingbird

Baby Kingbird on Nest

Adult & Baby Kingbirds

Kingbirds nesting on Dyer Pond, Wellfleet

Spotted Sandpiper

Ready to Launch

Two new Mourning Doves on the day they are ready to leave their nest in a planter in our patio.

Baby House Wrens

I love my mommy soooooo much !!!

While visiting Nickerson Beach along the south west coast of Long Island, I was amazed at the number and types of breeding shorebirds …. common terns, oystercatachers, skimmer terns, piping plovers … all of which were there in great numbers tending to their nests and young in the dune and sandy areas. This photo is one of thousands I took of common terns on their eggs and with their chicks … where this chick seems actions speak louder than words about how much it loves it’s mommy.

Seeing the World, Finally

Swimming Lessons

Mom and dad black-bellied whistling ducks take their two offspring on a tour of the pond in Gardens Park.

Cute Quack

This mallard duck baby is telling it like it is while paddling around Pappy Elkins Lake.

I am Fledgling…see me fly!

This was the last of our tree swallow babies and I caught this little guy by chance fledging! It was one of the best moments of my life and of his!

Rescued Hummingbird

Hummingbird rescued after flying into my patio door. I gently picked him up as he was stuck in my deck. After a few moments of sitting on this shot glass of nectar he finally flew away. He survived. I was ecstatic to see him fly away. Nature is so amazing.

Hello there.

Just Hatched

A House Finch built a nest on the top of a set of wind chimes on our front porch. Her first hatchling calls out in hunger waiting for her mom to return with some food.

Violet-Green Swallow Stare Down

This Violet-Green Swallow baby was giving me the great Stare Down on Day 20, just too cute for words! Only 5 more days in the nest.

Violet-Green Swallow – 11 day old babies

This was the last time I opened the nest box, the babies were so active on day 11 I knew I wouldn’t be able to see inside the nest box again.

Western Screech Owls in Wood Duck box

Ready to Fledge Bluebirds

Flickers Are Really Hummingbirds!!

This baby Flicker decided to take a drink from our hummingbird feeders one morning. we have a series of photos of it trying different feeders.

Baby Robbins

Nap Time

Two week old Tree Swallows fully feathered.

Feather Bed

6 naked newly hatched Tree Swallows.

Kestrel Kids

Our first two baby American Kestrels from the nest box we built.

Killdeer, newlyhatched

This tiny Killdeer hatched just hours before this picture was taken. It was almost impossible to see among the rocks and gravel.

Out for a stroll

Waiting to fly.

Two adorable Ruby-throated Hummingbird chicks.

Black-bellied whistling duck family

So Stinking Cute

Taken at Kensington Metropark in May 2015. This sandhill crane chick looks like he is checking out his reflection, just like the ugly duckling. In fact, his mother had just dropped a seed kernel in the water for him. How can you not love this sandy colored ball of fuzz with those amazingly flexible legs!

Mother and Chick

Have been watching this Cooper’s hawk nest since late spring, these young birds grow very rapidly as about a week after this picture was taken the young hawks already had lost their down and were sporting juvenile plumage. It is located in the W.E. Burton conservation area in Russell. The parents ended up with four healthy fledglings. Only two weeks after leaving the nest this young birds are skilled hunters.

Number Two

Chick #1 was born around 5pm. Chick #2 was born about 1 1/2 hours later.

Just a Few Minutes Old

This is the first of three Carolina Wren babies, all born within a few hours of each other on 7/19/15. It is only a few minutes old and hungry already! It had just been born, and Mama had gone off to find it some food.

Bad Feather Day

Robin’s nest was in a bush right outside the door and work and we watch these babies grown until they all left the next.

Celebrating life 3xs..

First babies…

Dainty diner.

Amazing that they are so capable within days of hatching.

Who, me?

Quail babies, really just too cute.


My first season of quail babies in Arizona and I’m hooked. They are incredible little creatures.

Male Cardinal Fledgling

One of three Cardinal fledglings visiting my backyard feeders

9 in a box

This mom laid 9 eggs and they all hatched and fledged! Then she started a new nest and laid 6 more that eventually fledged – She gets my vote for “super-mom”. Of course dad was busy feeding this crew as well – it took a lot of bugs to keep them all full.

Five Part Harmony 🎶

Peregrine Falcon

A young peregrine falcon the day before she fledged.

Fledgling Barn Swallows

Hanging out with my brother, he’s still an egg.

Newly hatched Least Tern chick keeps his brother warm while his mother keeps a watchful eye on the surroundings.

Piping plovers under wing & one out

Multiple piping plover legs showing under parents wings but one is out and about they are 4 days old.

The local watering hole

Juvenile blue jays enjoying the bird bath.

Horsing around at the water park

Juvenile blue jays enjoying the bird bath.


Two baby barn swallows at the parking garage for the Denver Botanic Garden in downtown Denver.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology