Osprey feeding her chick.

Osprey at Bowerman Basin feeding her chick

Mama, Come back!

Baby house sparrow is watching her mama fly away after having a bite to eat.

Feeding time in Bethlehem

Hummingbird nest over the Monocacy Creek

Anhinga feeding

Avocet Mother Teaching Four Young to Feed

My 11 year old son, Arrow, aspires to be an ornithologist; I’m a park ranger at nearby Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (Southern Colorado). We love birding together. This summer we’ve had the privilege of watching a family of avocets successfully nest in a wetland on our property. From the time the light green speckled eggs were laid on the open shore, the parents have loudly and aggressively defended their young. We quietly keep our distance behind some shrubs to capture scenes of their family life, including this image of the four young learning to feed as they follow their mother. The father was just outside this image, chasing away a killdeer from his family.

Nesting House Wrens

This House Wren family was quite active for several days. Finally got my big gun lens for this shot. A day or so later and these guys had fledged. So very fun to watch!

Three cheers for Mom!! Let’s eat! Let’s eat! Let’s eat!

Massive Meal

A juvenile Cooper’s Hawk has a turn at the carcass of a young Eastern Cottontail rabbit – the first time its mother has captured mammalian prey during the nesting season.

A Shared Catch

An adult female Cooper’s Hawk (left) retrieves the remains of a bird that was delivered and dropped by her young fledglings. She nabbed the carcass in mid-air and returned it to their feeding perch.

Hungry Robins!

Beware pointy objects

Broad-tailed hummer babies have grown – and their beaks are sharper as well. Both mom and babies have to be careful. The nest is in a tall Blue Spruce tree.

Sandhill Crane parents feeding baby

Song Sparrow Feeding Cowbird

Song sparrow feeding a cowbird in my backyard.

Common Tern Feeding Her Baby

Sandy Pond Inlet on Lake Ontario.

Yellow Warbler Feeding the Youngster

Rose-breasted Grosbeak Dinner Time

Snapped these Rose-breasted Grosbeak feeding at our backyard feeding station.

Broadtail Hummingbird feeding

Nest is about 10 feet above ground in a 35′ Blue Spruce in Evergreen CO at 7500′ in elevation. Babies were about 7-10 days old at this point in time. Canon 6D at 400mm.

Makin’ Groceries

This parent robin rounded up a nice array of food for the chicks!

Barn swallow nests in public bathroom

Mama is feeding baby in men’s bathroom

Virginia Rail feeding chicks

Virginia Rail feeding chick

Mother Cormorant Feeding One Of Her Chicks

With well over 80 Cormorant Nests built in 6 trees on the southwest corner of Great Captains Island 1 mile off the Greenwich shoreline, when the chicks starting hatching, all the mother and father cormorants were busy non-stop catching and bringing fish back to feed their young.

Mother Barn Swallow Feeding her chicks

This mother swallow kept flying out of the nest, snatching bugs mid-air and zipping back to feed her 4 chicks as fast as she could … over and over and over … and the chicks gobbled up every bug she brought back.

Parent Eastern Bluebirds on top of nest box holding insects to feed to their babies inside

Photo taken July 16, 2015. We put this nest box up on April 24, 2015, and we were finally rewarded with a successful second nesting attempt by Eastern Bluebirds. Both Bluebird parents proved to be diligent and devoted to feeding their babies inside the box. The female had laid 4 eggs, and all 4 babies fledged on July 22. More information at http://barnswallowfriends.blogspot.com/2015/07/nesting-bluebirds-bugs-for-babies.html

Female Eastern Bluebird on nest box holding insect while male feeds his insect to babies inside

Photo taken on July 16 2015. We put this nest box up in April. Tree Swallows claimed it on May 1 and built a nest inside, but Bluebirds arrived on May 10 and hijacked the box from the Tree Swallows. The female Tree Swallow had not yet laid any eggs. The female Bluebird of the pair that hijacked the box laid 5 eggs on May 19 to May 23, but ended up abandoning her eggs, and they did not hatch. The male Bluebird continued to guard the box and attracted a new female, who arrived on June 12. The new female apparently removed the 5 eggs from the box and laid 4 eggs of her own on June 18 to 21. On July 22, 4 babies fledged from the box. More information at http://barnswallowfriends.blogspot.com/2015/07/nesting-bluebirds-bugs-for-babies.html

Male Eastern Bluebird on nest box holding grasshopper, preparing to feed babies inside

Photo taken July 16, 2015. Four eggs were laid on June 18 to June 21, and four babies fledged on July 22. More information at http://barnswallowfriends.blogspot.com/2015/07/nesting-bluebirds-bugs-for-babies.html

Female Eastern Bluebird on nest box preparing to feed baby inside

We just put up this nest box in April. I took this photo early in the morning of July 22, 2015, the day the four babies fledged. I did not observe them fledging, but by evening the nest was empty. More information at http://barnswallowfriends.blogspot.com/2015/07/nesting-bluebirds-bugs-for-babies.html

Dinner time

I would sit and watch the family in my carport for the past few days and finally got the best pic ever.

Lunch Time

Steller’s Sea eagle feeding it’s chick

Red-necked Grebe – Many mouths to feed

Lunch is on mom.

Blue Jay does a good job feeding her plump offspring.

Hungry Chicks

Anhingas Feeding

dinner time

Papa Blue – Feeding Time!

Babies are going to love this

Red Tailed Hawk caught a Gray Squirrel in the middle of my yard. I happened to be looking out the window for the Orioles that had been visiting our suet when I saw him/her. I watched and photographed for a while then the hawk was startled and took off, with the squirrel

Grape Jelly is Soo Good

Adult Baltimore oriole teaching young bird to eat grape Jelly which we put in many small branchings in our Pear Tree. The adults, sometimes mom, sometimes dad have also fed the baby suet and even some sunflower seeds.

Who new Grape jelly tasted so good

Both Dad and Mom have been bringing the baby to our pear tree to eat Suet
, sunflower seeds, and most of all Grape Jelly. Baby looks a lot like a female goldfinch but is about 2x the size.

Bummble Bees its what for Dinner

Hello, Gorgeous!!

This female Goldfinch was down by the water searching for food when she caught sight of her reflection!!

House Wren Feeding Time

I was only about an arm’s length away from the nest when I got this photo. These little birds are fearless!

A Mouthful!

One of two Brown Thrashers that made a nest in our palm tree this Spring. This parent is making one of many, many trips to feed it’s baby.


Robins feeding time

Feed me

Being fed right before fledging.

Insects on the Menu

While in Gardens Park one day, I was focusing on a kite in a tree when all of a sudden another bird appeared and there was a bit of a commotion. I managed to get a couple of shots off and when I looked at them later I saw from the first picture that a parent kite landed on the branch with an insect in its mouth and junior was on the way to claim it. The second picture (this submission) shows the parent bird looking on as junior clutches the insect in one foot and prepares to eat.

dinner time at the rookery

many egret nests in some pine trees make great bird watching

great egret family

There are several pine trees with many egret nests. What fun to watch!

Dinner and Dessert

This nest was about 10 yards into the tree line next to my flower garden. I watched the parent catch the worm and then it seemed to keep looking for more instead of heading back to the nest. When I saw this, I had to laugh at the efficiency employed in keeping so many mouths fed!

Overcoming Obstacles

While the marker ball on a power line is a very safe nesting spot, feeding takes a little more work on both sides.

Feeding time for a baby red-shouldered hawk

Ma or Pa with a torn piece of snake feeding a baby about 14 days of age.

See? I will take care of you!

lunch time

robins decided to make a nest by my garage in some old wood and gutters ,I was able to watch them until they all flew off

Hungry Mouths

Four hungry mouths compete for the last morsel of food from their mother.

Long Stretch

A baby American Robing stretches to get another morsel of food while his siblings wait.

Violet-Green Swallow Feeding Time

Daddy Violet-Green Swallow making a quick pit stop to deliver bugs to one of the babies.


This Yellow Warbler frequented my feeder this winter.

Feeding time

Just taking pic’s of my bluebirds feeding and got lucky on this shot.

Waiting for room service!

We’re hungry!

Double Duty

Spending our last anniversary on the Central Coast of California was a treat for all the senses. While in Morro Bay, my husband mentioned that he’d read about a heron or egret rookery in the area. We did a lot of driving around before we found what we think was the rookery. We’d been in another town the day before that had an egret rookery that locals told us had been ‘taken over’ by the cormorants. And, that the cormorant’s excrement was killing the trees. This is what we’d noticed in this spot, too. There were dozens of cormorants sitting on or near nests; others coming and going…but, while shooting the two larger cormorants in this photo suddenly, 2 small heads popped up. Dinnertime!

Tree swallow

Tree swallows begging for a meal

Broadtail Hummingbird ready to feed

Nest is about 10 feet above ground in a 35′ Blue Spruce in Evergreen CO at 7500′ in elevation. Babies were about 7-10 days old at this point in time. Canon 6D at 400mm.

Who’s hungry


The juveniles are two weeks out of the nest and have had some success hunting but are still relying on their parents for food.

Grocery Run

With three hungry mouths to feed (you can see two of the three in this image) the male and female American Robins were kept very busy. Papa came back with an oversize load on this run! I don’t know how he could have possibly fit another worm in his beak!

Feeding Time

I was sitting in my recliner watching birds right outside my bedroom window. I took pictures through a window.

Waiting for papa…

Saw their little heads peeking out and papa came with their treat…


These are some very odd looking chicks!

Cowbird and Chipping Sparrow

Backyard observation of fledgling Cowbird being fed by Chipping Sparrow “parent”

Mom’s back!

Down the hatch!


Hungry Flicker

The adult flicker arriving back at the nest with a hungry baby in the back ground.

Robin Feeding time

Momma Robin feeding fledgling

Mockingbird feeding the baby chick

Big Mouths to Feed

Hungry Great Egret chicks keeping their parents busy at Smith Oaks Rookery, High Island, Texas

Devoted Parent

Tufted Titmouse busy taking care of its five hungry babies

Happy Family

This happy family of Least Terns is nesting on the beach in NJ this summer.

Feeding time for juvenile Common grackle

Feeding time for juvenile Common grackle. Even at this age, they still like to be fed by mom.

Baby Blue Birds

Blue birds built a nest in the bird house next to our deck. It was so fun watching them grow.

Dad feeding Junior – Pileated Woodpeckers

Dinner on the fly!

In July 2008 I was at Woodley Island Marina photographing water birds when I spotted swallows flying around the rocks along the shoreline. I went to investigate, and found several families, with parents flying in and feeding their babies. I moved to the water’s edge and got down low to get the sky as background, and got this great shot just as a parent (I believe a male), while still in flight, was passing a bug to its baby.

Stuffing it in!

In July 2013 I was at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area, Royal Amazon Unit, photographing Purple Martins flying to and from their nests. Over the course of three day I got several nice shots, including this one of an adult stuffing a dragonfly into the mouth of one of its babies.

Put It Here!

A young Kingbird lets its parent know it is still hungry.

Dinner is Served

A young Brown Thrasher chick is fed by its parent.

Egret Feeding a Mouthful of Fish

Egret feeding a mouthful of fish to her baby

Osprey feeding time

Osprey parent feeding juvenile

Big fish for dinner!

These Elegant Terns are one of my favorite birds to photograph! This parent was flying out for fish to feed its juvenile.

Montezuma Oropendola feeding young

These crow-sized birds were fascinating to watch!

Lunch incoming!

Sibling Rivalry

Early morning breakfast for a hungry nestling.

We were absolutely thrilled to discover this active tree cavity while touring Northern Wyoming. We randomly pulled into a parking lot along Hwy 14, and litearlly walked about 20 yards along the path. First spotting an American Three-toed Woodpecker seemed amazing, but then we saw both male and female feeding a nestling just 6 feet off the path at waist height we were in awe! Later it seemed like a dream, but the photo’s prove it was indeed real!

Dinner time!

Pileated woodpecker babies

The nest was just off the deck of our home.

Where’s dinner?

Male Cardinal at feeding time. Nest was in a shrub next to our front porch.

Say aww

Baby Robins

Acorn Woodpecker feeding time

Driving the California coast, we stopped at the restaurant in Big Sur. These Acorn Woodpeckers are common, and one just happened to be sitting in front of us on a tree branch waiting to be fed, although I had to zoom in for the photo.

I’m hungry

From robin’s nest in my backyard. When mom & dad were out “shopping for groceries” I hovered the camera over the nest hoping for a decent picture, got this one and cropped it down for effect.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology