dinner time at the rookery

many egret nests in some pine trees make great bird watching

great egret family

There are several pine trees with many egret nests. What fun to watch!

In Mama’s View

Visiting my brother in Florida, he noticed my camera and thought to take me to visit Wakulla Springs to photograph the animals. I was new to photography, but instantly fell in love with this magical place. Best yet, it was breeding season and many of these beautiful birds were sitting on eggs or feeding their ‘new additions.’ As our boat came around a bend, I spotted this beautiful Great Egret with her 3 (visible) babies.

The Rookery

There is an island at Kensington Metropark with several large trees that house a Great Blue Heron and Egret Rookery. This image shows about 8 Egret nests. I believe these are Great Egrets. I am guessing there were approximately 40 or so nests total in these trees.

Big Mouths to Feed

Hungry Great Egret chicks keeping their parents busy at Smith Oaks Rookery, High Island, Texas

Egret Feeding a Mouthful of Fish

Egret feeding a mouthful of fish to her baby

A Meal for Great Egret Chicks

After waiting for about an hour, two Great Egret nestlings receive a feeding from one of their parents. The hungry egret chicks grab at the parent’s head and attempts to shake loose food as it is regurgitated.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology