Nesting House Wrens

This House Wren family was quite active for several days. Finally got my big gun lens for this shot. A day or so later and these guys had fledged. So very fun to watch!

House Wren

They won’t stay dry outside the umbrella!

close to home

Somehow the bird made a pocket on umbrella to make a nest in a place that gets a fair amount of foot traffic. 3 feet from grill and 2 foot from the house.

Baby House Wrens

House Wren Feeding Time

I was only about an arm’s length away from the nest when I got this photo. These little birds are fearless!

Feed me

Being fed right before fledging.

Seeing the World, Finally

House wren nest

I typically get 7 house wren eggs in this nest box which was specifically designed for wrens. It’s very small.

House Wren eggs

House Wren egs

Baby Wrens

House Wren

This little guy decided that my decorative bird house would make a great home.

Where do we go from here?

I woke up to a lot of chirping one morning to find five baby wrens just left their nest box.

Where are my brothers and sisters?

After coming out of his nest. This little guy was having a hard time flying to the top of this fence to join his siblings.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology