Killdeer Nest

Killdeer Nest I stumbled across at Belfair State Park.

Eggs and Rocks

The Killdeers put there nest in the middle of the old road leading to the lake.

Mother in Waiting

I was walking down the road leading to the lake when I heard the alarm calls of two Killdeer. I immediately saw the male about 10 feet in front of me doing its broken wing act; I was having a difficult time locating the other one that was louder. I then looked down and I was only 3 feet from the female who was guarding the nest; she wasn’t happy. I backed off a bit and shot some photos. There were three eggs on that day but three days later there were four.

Killdeer Nest

An adult killdeer shades eggs in the nest on an exceptionally hot day.

Killdeer nest

A pair of Killdeer made this nest on a gravel pathway in a busy garden center.

Killdeer, newlyhatched

This tiny Killdeer hatched just hours before this picture was taken. It was almost impossible to see among the rocks and gravel.

Killdeer Nest

Killdeer nest on edge of driveway.

Speckled eggs

Fuzzy Killdeer

A little Killdeer stretching its neck to get a better look over the grass . . .

Baby Killdeer

I visit the same piece of land quite often to go birding. Recently, I was seeing two adult Killdeer in a field, and they would do their typical “broken wing” dance when I would get near them. I figured a nest was nearby so I kept an eye on that area over the next few weeks. My patience paid off when one morning I returned to the spot where the adults would frequent, to find 4 tiny, fuzzy balls of fur with long stilt-like legs following their parents along the road.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology