I didn’t do it

Nesting Swan

Mom & Chicks

Family Matters

Cozy Napping Goslings

After swimming in the pond and grubbing in the grass, the goose parents took their brood to the edge of the pond for a snooze. The cute little goslings were all piled together into one big ball of fluff, while out of camera range their ever vigilant parents kept watch for intruders.

Who’s there?

Spotting baby owls in this light is the most rewarding, I think. All three owlets are branchers now, and it’s glorious to watch them learn to fly.

Reflections on Growing Up

The mother, with her very curved beak and the father, with his straighter beak, watch as this baby ventures into the reeds alone.

Gimme That!

These are our male and female Tree Swallow Parents. When I took this photo, the female, was going back and forth from him to the bird box, and he would just sit there, moth in mouth. It was like she was saying, “go feed them!” And he would just wait. It’s been an absolute joy watching them reside in our bird box. Especially since they went through a day there battling sparrows. We helped fight them off!

Little Robin

Baby Robin at the Chicago Botanic Garden, his mom flew off the nest as we walked by.


Beautiful Osprey caring for young.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology