I’m Sleepy

This GHO was sitting in the V of an old snag. Its mother was perched nearby watching over her baby.

Virginia Rail and chick

Virginia Rail feeding chick

Red-necked Grebe – Many mouths to feed

So Stinking Cute

Taken at Kensington Metropark in May 2015. This sandhill crane chick looks like he is checking out his reflection, just like the ugly duckling. In fact, his mother had just dropped a seed kernel in the water for him. How can you not love this sandy colored ball of fuzz with those amazingly flexible legs!

Mother and Chick

Have been watching this Cooper’s hawk nest since late spring, these young birds grow very rapidly as about a week after this picture was taken the young hawks already had lost their down and were sporting juvenile plumage. It is located in the W.E. Burton conservation area in Russell. The parents ended up with four healthy fledglings. Only two weeks after leaving the nest this young birds are skilled hunters.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology