A yellow warbler fledgling pondering about going for a dip in the river

First encounter

A young yellow warbler joyfully perched atop a tree peak

Yellow warbler fledgling

A young yellow warbler bouncing about the trees intrigued by my presence

I love my mommy soooooo much !!!

While visiting Nickerson Beach along the south west coast of Long Island, I was amazed at the number and types of breeding shorebirds …. common terns, oystercatachers, skimmer terns, piping plovers … all of which were there in great numbers tending to their nests and young in the dune and sandy areas. This photo is one of thousands I took of common terns on their eggs and with their chicks … where this chick seems actions speak louder than words about how much it loves it’s mommy.

Don’t wanna a take a shower!

This cute baby ran away to the border of the river when he watched us!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology