Calling of shift change

Carolina Chickadee Eggs

A Nest of Dreams

As a beginning birder I was thrilled when two Bullock’s Orioles appeared in our Colorado yard. The young female spent weeks carefully weaving her nest as our cattle dogs sat mesmerized. Sadly, four days after her eggs were laid a hailstorm destroyed her future family and home. The young Oriole pair circled leafless trees and their chosen nesting area for several days before leaving our home. Now it is our turn to be patient for their return.

Beautiful Blue

Just Hatched

A House Finch built a nest on the top of a set of wind chimes on our front porch. Her first hatchling calls out in hunger waiting for her mom to return with some food.

Eight…Yup they are all there

Mama mute swan checks and turns her eggs before settling in for another day of incubation.

And the journey begins…

When a egg hatched it has a long life to live, hard winters, finding a mate, then having and feeding eggs.

Baby Blues

I noticed a nest int he crape myrtle outside my bedroom window. When I investigated, I found these 3 beautiful eggs! Every day I watch Mamma Robin sitting on the nest! Can’t wait for them to hatch!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology