Parent Eastern Bluebirds on top of nest box holding insects to feed to their babies inside

Photo taken July 16, 2015. We put this nest box up on April 24, 2015, and we were finally rewarded with a successful second nesting attempt by Eastern Bluebirds. Both Bluebird parents proved to be diligent and devoted to feeding their babies inside the box. The female had laid 4 eggs, and all 4 babies fledged on July 22. More information at

Female Eastern Bluebird on nest box holding insect while male feeds his insect to babies inside

Photo taken on July 16 2015. We put this nest box up in April. Tree Swallows claimed it on May 1 and built a nest inside, but Bluebirds arrived on May 10 and hijacked the box from the Tree Swallows. The female Tree Swallow had not yet laid any eggs. The female Bluebird of the pair that hijacked the box laid 5 eggs on May 19 to May 23, but ended up abandoning her eggs, and they did not hatch. The male Bluebird continued to guard the box and attracted a new female, who arrived on June 12. The new female apparently removed the 5 eggs from the box and laid 4 eggs of her own on June 18 to 21. On July 22, 4 babies fledged from the box. More information at

Female Eastern Bluebird on nest box preparing to feed baby inside

We just put up this nest box in April. I took this photo early in the morning of July 22, 2015, the day the four babies fledged. I did not observe them fledging, but by evening the nest was empty. More information at

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