Love Comes with Hard Work

Curve-billed Thrasher eggs

Curve-billed Thrasher eggs. Nest is in a VERY thorny Cholla Cactus, which is a typical nesting spot. You can see 3 of the 4 eggs. I taped a small mirror on a two foot stick in order to get the picture without too many thorn jabs.

Standish Hickey State Recreation Area Osprey Nest

I have watched and photographed an Osprey Nest at Standish Hickey State Recreation Area for the past two years. Last year the nest successfully fledged two Osprey. This year the Osprey spent a lot of time fixing up the nest but never incubated eggs, that I could tell, on my visits. California is in a horrible drought and our river is extremely low and fish are scarce. Out of the 5 Osprey Nests I observed this year along the Eel River, I did not see any successful hatchings. I did see Osprey with Lamprey as prey about a dozen times, which is something I never witnessed before.

Song Sparrows

First time that I had a song sparrow nest in my yard.

Benbow Bald Eagle Nest

Benbow Bald Eagle’s Nest – Two adult Bald Eagles in the nest just days after one Eaglet hatched. If you look real close you can just see the very top of it’s fuzzy gray head, in between the Eagles. I watched this nest from February until July, hiking up once a week. These photos were taken at great distance, across a river, using a camera and a spotting scope, as the nest is barely visable to the human eye. We are thrilled to have a successful mating pair of Bald Eagles in our small river community.

Barn Swallow nestlings

Soaking up the Sun

An eagle pair has nested near our property in Central Illinois since 2010. Each year the nest does get larger! This year two eaglets hatched, and my best guess about the pose of the adult eagle in this photo is that it was either soaking up some morning sunshine or shielding the young eaglets from the bright sun.

Hidden Hummingbird nest

I was on a backpack in southern Utah and discovered this gem while I was collecting water. It was tucked under a rock ledge and very well hidden!

Home Sweet Home

Bluebirds deciding if this is the best nesting box

11 mallard ducklings with mama

American Robin Nest on Porch

Both happy and and sad when I discovered this beautiful robin had built this nest on the ledge above our front door on the porch! We had to block the window from the inside because our living room light would disturb the birds at night, and that was not a problem. But we had to use the back door to get in and out of our house, which was inconvenient! The good news is that the venture was successful, and the fledglings left successfully:)

Unusual place for a nest

A Carolina Wren built her nest in our carport on a shelf on an orange rag and bubble wrap

Acadian Flycatcher Nest (and nestlings)

Hummingbird & Nest

Waiting Room

We were in Antigua, Guatemala for a short visit, and this little hummer was there the whole length of our stay.. She was not camera shy at all!

Place bug here….

Young Northern Mocking birds want to eat!

Welcome Home

This photo was taken with my iPhone because my larger camera would have caused too much disturbance in the tiny access point I had to work with. There are 2 Bayberry bushes on either side of our front door. This is the first time in several years they returned to nest in this particular bush. (I had trimmed the bushes way back a few years ago. Bad idea in hind sight) Our front yard seems to be a micro climate for Cardinal breeding. We have a Red Japaneses Maple hybrid tree in the front center of our home that we have nick-named “The Love Shack” because every season, the Cardinals return, flock to that tree and perform their mating dances there. Then they nest in the smaller bushes around our home to lay & hatch their eggs. I named this picture ‘Welcome Home’ as nod to their annual return, a nod for returning to that particular bush (and as a subtle apology for having wrecked their home before) as well as nod to it being right at our front door. Momma and her eggs, and eventually the hatch-lings, welcomed us home every time we returned. (which I interpreted as her acceptance of my apology ūüėČ I hope you enjoy her beautiful ‘home’ as much as we did. PS. I could decide the category, so I hope it was ok to enter it in both beautiful eggs and best nest….

Hanging out, raising babies in an old hanging basket

Doves moved in and had their babies in an old hanging basket before we took it down to put a new one up. Three different batches of babies were raised in that old basket.

Happy Mother’s Day

While visiting my parents’ graves at Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church over Mother’s Day weekend, my husband and I discovered this killdeer nest. What an appropriate location that the little mother bird had chosen!

Wren nest

We found this wren nest when we opened the hood of our tractor. We didn’t disturb it; we left the tractor alone until the babies left the nest.

Almost ready to leave

Hermit Thrush at Quincy Bog Natural Area


discovered this next of baby finches in my fern on the porch!

Carolina Wren nest in the mailbox

Chuck-will’s-widow “nest”

While checking nest boxes, I flushed a chuck-will’s-widow off these two eggs. The bird flew off doing the broken-wing display.

Catbird Eggs

Hanging Geranium Dove

Sneak(er) peek…

Hello, World

White breasted nuthatch coming out of nesting box

Guarding the nest

In a heron rookery, this red tailed hawk was in a neighboring nest. The nearby nest had herons standing at the ready to protect their nest.

Purple Sunbird

Every year this bird makes nest in the same place that is on a branch of an Arocaria plant planted in a pot and kept on the terrace of my house.Their nest building activity starts in the month of May.

The one that got away…

An Osprey pair on their nest along the Susquehanna River

Great Crested Flycatcher

This is nest building in a box that previously had a brood of wood ducks, woodpeckers and squirrels.

Core Creek eaglet

Young eaglet in a nest on a lake in Bucks county, PA

Delaware River osprey nest

Osprey nest constructed on a channel marker, 400 yds from shore on the Delaware River

The Second Story

My husband and I watched a Mockingbird pair build their nest on our front port, using an old birdhouse as the base. We were very excited for them to move in, as we could watch from our living room without disturbing the family.

…Home Improvements…

I spotted this little House Wrenn building a nest in one of my Blue Bird boxes in my yard on Lake Gaston. I was able to grab my camera and snap a few pics of him while he was doing his handy work. Taken with Canon T1i with L-Series 400mm f/5.6 lens in AV Mode @ 1/200 f/5.6 ISO400.


5-18-14 – More nest preparation by the Tree Swallows.

Tree Swallow Nest Prep

Each year I anxiously await the arrival of the Tree Swallows. I enjoy watching as they share the raising of their family with me. On 5-18-14, I was excited as I observed the nest preparation. This was a first for me. Now the real waiting began!!

Baby Bowl

Found this apparent Abert’s Towhee nest in a small ceramic bowl that decorated the top of a block fence.


Cliff Swallow Nest

Cliff Swallow hideaway

Cliff Swallow nest found in a picnic shelter on the shore of Tuttle Creek Lake

Canada Goose Nest and Eggs

Canada Goose Nest and Eggs

Three baby American Robins ready to fly away

Three big baby robins are too crowded in their little home.

Hummingbird babies on crescent moon windchime

Spring 2008 – I noticed a tiny nest on a small crescent moon wind chime that hung about a foot outside my family room window. That spring, and for the next 2 years, we were able to closely watch everything from roosting to fledgling of 3 sets of babies. Fascinating and at times heartbreaking as not all lived. This is the first pair.

Mourning dove family

Feathering the Nest.

Just a few days before hatching, the female Canada Goose, pulls out down to line the nest.

Osprey on nest

I noticed the nest as I was leaving the park. I pulled over, hoping the bird would show. After about 5 minutes, the Osprey returned and stared at me for what seemed an eternity!

Barn Swallow Pair

There is a picnic pavilion in Fairmount Park where every year, Barn Swallows make nests and hatch their young. There are some days that the field near the pavilion seems to be alive due to all the Swallows flying around catching insects.

My Nesting Eastern Phoebe

The story of this nest couldn’t be told with just one picture. My Phoebe’s nest was destroyed in last spring’s rains. With a little help from me, this resilient little bird re-built the nest and successfully fledged another brood. This year, she raised two broods!

Eastern Kingbird on nest.

This is an Eastern Kingbird sitting on her nest.

Robin nest

robin nest under our barn’s roof ledge

Baltimore Oriole Nest

every year a baltimore oriole makes a nest high up in this aspen tree in our backyard

Osprey Nest

a huge osprey nest seen while on vacation in the thousand islands

Baltimore Oriole Nest

Bewicks Wren Nest

The plant is hanging on our deck and when we removed the first nest they made UNDER the bird house sitting on a sconce on the deck, they found this place. She continually scolds us, the cat and dog for being on her deck. Nervey little thing!

House Wren

House wrens use this birdhouse gourd as their home this year.

Robin’s nest in bathroom window.

Persistent robin attempted to build a nest on a broom in our garage, twice in a tiny beam extending from the roof, once in our bedroom window, on the spotlight on the garage and finally at the top of our open bathroom window!

Opportunistic Carolina Wren

This Carolina Wren nest was found at the top of covered a propane tank.

What Remains

Western Bluebird Female at Dusk

Western Bluebird female checking the nestbox at dusk is one beautiful sight

Cozy nest

Three days after I cleaned the bird house after an Eastern Bluebird family of seven (five babies) departed the house, another Bluebird couple began building a nest in the bird house. They increased the Eastern Bluebird population by four.


This started as a robins nest but they never laid in it. Sparrows then moved in and had a successful family. Now another set of sparrows have moved in.

Killdeer chicks

Two chicks and two eggs

Incubating Short-eared Owl

Incubating Short-eared Owl – sitting tight on her nest.

Canada Goose Nest

Canada Goose Nest at Thomas Creek Wetland Chenango Bridge NY

No Snakes Here!

Newly hatched Carolina Wren in a nest lined with snakeskin

Leaving the nest after feeding

Yellow Warbler nest

Cliff Swallow Nest on my Porch with Chick Inside, July 7, 2014

Barn Swallows built the bottom part of this nest on my porch in 2011 and used it to successfully raise a brood of five. The nest is right outside the only door to my apartment and that of my neighbors. In 2012, two separate pairs of Barn Swallows used this nest to raise broods of five and four, respectively.

In July 2013, a pair of Cliff Swallows arrived and modified the nest, adding a dome with an entrance hole. However, the Cliff Swallows abandoned the nest about two weeks later after my landlord had sent a roofer who put up a ladder next to the nest to inspect the roof for a leak.

In May 2014, a pair of Barn Swallows began perching near the nest. However, later that month, Cliff Swallows arrived at the nest and seemed to take it over. The Barn Swallow pair ceased perching near the nest. On June 13, 2014, we first observed a pair of Cliff Swallows inside the nest, guarding it and adding mud to it. A chick first appeared in the nest on June 30, 2014. The adult Cliff Swallows continued adding mud to the nest even while they were feeding the chick. Because the nest is enclosed, we had not been able to observe the number of eggs or hatchlings inside the nest.

July 8, 2014 was the last date on which we observed this chick in the nest. Therefore we are assuming that the chick fledged on July 9. I have done my best to enter this nesting attempt under NestWatch, but had difficulty adding all of my observations. A chronology of this successful nesting attempt is available at

Bald Eagle Nest

Bald Eagle Nest on River Road near the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, LA

We Are Family!

These swallows created quite the stir especially when 7 open mouths awaited food from mom and pop. Several park visitors stopped to watch and I had to get a pic.

A silverbill family

We stay in 6th floor,& have 3 balconies,have hung up nests in all the 3,this is the 2nd nest to be occupied,the pair decorated the nest with different types of grass,& bed was done with soft petals,leaves & feathers,it is 4 weeks now,first the pair came,stayed in the nest,morning & night,once they liked it,started making it their home,now,I think they have eggs in there,as I saw with the earlier pair,in 2-3 days,the young ones will be out,waiting to take a picture of the young ones

Yellow billed cuckoo

Noticed she settled in a nest near the walkway with her mate hanging close by until a bad storm a couple days later, abandoned for safer spot downstream. Still hear them cruising around the property with their distinctive call

Robin’s Nest in Porch Fern

A robin built a nest in a fern I have hanging steps from my front door while we were on vacation. I thought she would abandon it with all the in/out traffic on the porch including my cat, but she has persevered, and even lets my cat lie on the porch underneath the fern! The fern is only partially covered from the elements and she has encountered heavy rain and strong winds.

mourning dove

Mourning dove stiing a nest in a satsuma orange tree.

Mrs. Cardinal in the Knockout rose bush

Female cardinal nesting in the Knockout rose bush in my back yard near Mary Moore Seawright Park in south Austin. This is her third week to be caring for her eggs. The nest is so hidden that I have no idea how many eggs are in the nest.

And the winner is…

I thought this was the worst location for a house but I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it and I wanted one close that I could watch from our deck. It’s obviously not as bad as I thought because these 2 both seemed to want it What I didn’t manage to get in the photo was the wren who was moving in and kept popping her head in and out. I’m not sure who was there first but the wren won.

Swallow nest this year

This year they added horse hair from a nearby corral to their nest.

The swallows enjoy a quiet moment before the babies arrive.

This is the fifth year this pair has returned to the nest under our deck.

Carolina Wrens nesting on the front porch.

These Wren built a nest on a decorative shelf on the porch. Once the young ones hatched the increased activity brought the shelf down as it wasn’t securely installed. It was just a decoration. We rehung the shelf unit more securely and put back the hatchlings and what was left on the nest.The parents returned and went back to work,, all this was done in a about an hours or so…

House Wren building his nest.

A male House Wren building his nest.

Humming bird nest

Carolina Wren 6 floors skyscraper

This nest has been build upon 6 times over, in the same spot. You can see one nest cup on top of another balanced between window rail and the window.

It was originally started as a Robin’s nest, but from year two through six, it was occupied and built each successive year by the Carolina Wren that returns year after year. The Carolina Wren stacks twigs and sticks in the space between top of the nest and the roof eve so there is only very small space to enter the nest cup, and it in turn, minimizes intrusion by predators.

wren in clothespin bag

We had been away from home for a week and found this nest in our clothespin bag upon our return! We sighted a wren flying in and out from it. The photo needs to be turned to the right so it hangs properly!

Monk Parakeet

Monk Parakeets

Mourning Dove Duo

Mama hooded oriole on nest

This hooded oriole nest is the first we have had in 40 years in our home. We have many birdhouses built and all are occupied, but our first oriole. The male is always close by.

Ready to Fly

After closely watching the babies for severs all weeks they decided to fledge on the day I was off work.

Humble Abode in a Geranium Basket

Momma Mourning Dove nested on my hot front porch in my hanging geranium basket! Fledglings are named Geri and Num! These three have been a pleasure to watch each day!

A New Home

I put up this new box and put the ladder away only to look and see this Bluebird had already moved in. The pair successfully defended it from others and successfully raised offspring from two clutches of eggs this year.

Morning dove chicks

Not much nesting going on here but mom and dad kept them safe until they could fly on their own.

Safe to enter the nest.

Mother Mountain bluebird enters nest after checking out the photographer.

Mountain bluebird

Mountain bluebird mother checking out photographer intruder before entering nest.

Mallard well camouflaged in her grassy nest site.

We spotted this mallard nest near the creek on our property. She had nested inside a wire cage that was around a young tree. Unfortunately, a bobcat later discovered the nest and the eggs were his breakfast.

Wood duck or rabbit?

Wood duck inside a nest box that sort of looks like a rabbit…

Hooded Merganser nestbox

One of several nest boxes used by these ducks as well as wood ducks. She is sitting on 12 eggs and never minded the camera peeking in once in a while.

‘Noelle’ is on her 3rd brood!

This Christmas wreath is next to our back door and a Junco pair made a nest in it in mid May. ‘Nick’ and ‘Noelle’ are now on their 3rd set of eggs. Each time, the nest gets re-made or enhanced. Neither of them seem concerned with the busy doings of the porch and back door which include dogs and numerous visitors.

Feeding time!

Carolina Wren parents made a nest the day I hung this gourd up on our porch. Now they busily feed their newborn babies.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology