Great Egret and Chicks

Great Egret and its “cute” babies at the High Island Rookery.

Baby Goslings

3 baby goslings chatting on the Maumee riverfront


Almost ready to leave the nest!

These are the first fledglings for this season. On a 95* day I found one of these youngsters had fallen out of the nest, newly hatched – mostly pink and no feathers. It was hanging upside down stuck on a Cholla thorn!! I went inside the house, got long sleeve shirt, long pants, latex gloves and came back for the rescue. Parents were squawking, but I kept reassuring that I was trying to help. I was able to grab one of its legs and place it back in the nest. I guess It was a successful rescue!

Heron Family

It amazes me that these birds mate for life and watching them raise their young is astounding.

Pygmy Nuthatch

Feed Me

Benbow Bald Eagle Nest

Benbow CA Bald Eagle’s Nest – I watched this nest from a great distance across the river all through the season. I hiked up 26 times between February and July – through fixing up the nest, incubating, hatching and fledging of one baby Bald Eaglet. I spent about 100 hours watching. The nest was so far away I had a spotting scope set up next to my camera so I could see what I was photographing, and used a shutter release cable. We brought two groups of school children up to watch and experience the nest. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Hiding in the Shade

Baby Rufous Hummingbird

Our Labrador was snuffling under a rock in our front yard when I noticed she had something in her mouth. When I asked her to drop it I saw that it was a tiny baby hummingbird. We fed the baby with a dropper until we were able to return her to her mother who was calling to her. We watched her grow up. Tiny Magnificence.

Cutest Downy Pecker

I love this little guy, he would just come and pose or me.

Barn Owls

We watched these Barn Owls on a weekly basis for about a month. I think if we go back they will have fledged. It was fun watching them grow.

Baby Barns

Broad-tailed humingbird chicks in nest

I had the amazing opportunity to find this nest in our yard and watch it from eggs to fledging. What a treat!

Satin Bowerbird chick

Just waiting for breakfast!


This hummingbird was sitting on a branch cleaning itself.I was able to take a photo though the window as it’s tongue came out

Baby Robin

This baby robin landed under a nearby tree while I was weeding one of my flower beds. The parents were in a nearby tree scolding me, so I took a few pics then left so that they could lead him to a safer spot.

11 mallard ducklings with mama

cute baby

Just left the nest

Bluebird babies looking out

Two baby Eastern Bluebirds almost ready to leave nest

Anhinga baby in the nest

Took this on a cold, windy January day in Florida at the Venice rookery. The wind blew momma’s feathers as she struggled to protect her baby from blowing away


Hummingbirds come annually to make nests in the ash tree in our backyard. We love watching them grow up.

Awaiting Breakfast

Hummingbirds come annually to make nests in the ash tree in our backyard. We love watching them grow up.

First Flight

Sleepy Pincushions

Hummingbirds come annually to make nests in the ash tree in our backyard. We love watching them grow up.

Fledgling Titmouse

Bluebirds Fledging

I captured the fledging of the bluebirds in my front box. The first one had some trouble figuring it out.

Baby Avocet

Baby Avocets are active finding food just a few hours after they hatch.

Baby Mourning Doves

These two recently fledged Mourning Doves have been sitting in our garden for several days. They are not yet independent and spend their day sleeping in a cozy area in the shade of a large shrub.

It’s a Big, Big, world!

Just fledged robin.

Six little Chickadees!

Six little Black-capped Chickadees ready to fledge from one of our 12 monitored box around Stonewall Jackson Dam, Lewis County, Weston, WV.

Welcome to the world!

This little bluebird fledgling had only been out of the bluebird nesting box a few minutes when he was welcomed to his new world with a summer storm. He did not look very happy to be greeted this way.

Baby Bird

Not sure maybe an Eastern Phoebe?

Punk Steller’s

Mother & Child

Nest in the Grass

I found this nest when the mother bird suddenly flew as I walked by. It was camouflaged but just in the grass on the ground, so vulnerable. Two days later the nest was empty. I don’t know if she could have moved them or they were eaten by some other animal. I don’t know what species they are. The mother was small and brown like a sparrow.

Stare down

Osprey Chicks almost ready to fledge.

Three’s a Crowd

Waiting for dinner to be delivered the day before fledging.


Patiently waiting for supper!

Beautiful tree swallows came back again this year. Nested in a bird house on the railing of our deck and hatched 78 gorgeous babies!

Baby doves

pair of baby doves in their nest

Hungry robin

nest found in a pavilion during a birthday party

Two in the Bush

Wooly neighbors !

On vacation in Nova Scotia we had the pleasure to share our camping site with this friendly family !

New babies in a recycled nest.

These babies were born after their parents recycled a nest from last year. The original nest was grass and straw and was built under the roof of our swim pier. The new couple added on with mud and feathers and made an upgraded home for these babies. They thrived! And boy did mom and dad ever work themselves to death feeding them! These babies were hungry!

4 Little Robins

We were able to follow these four babies from eggs to fledglings. One of only a few pictures we could get because mom and dad robin were very good at parenting.

Mourning Dove

Baby Wood Duck

On arriving home, I noticed three baby wood ducks in our pool. Mom quickly left, along with two of the babies, but this one was left swimming around for several hours.

Just Out of the Nest

These barn swallow babies had just fledged the nest, and were awaiting breakfast. The nest is located in our horse barn, and we have had barn swallows nest here for several years. The adults don’t seem to be used to us being in the barn when we feed the horses in the morning, and immediately fly out of the barn, but these three awaited patiently on the barn rafter for a parent to return to be fed.


Eastern Bluebirds

Young male and female Eastern Bluebirds from a nest of five that fledged about 2.5 weeks before this picture was taken.

Chuck-will’s-widow “nestlings”

Baby Cardinal

About to fly the coop.

This nest was right outside my computer window. I saw the nest being built, the parents sitting on the eggs, and the babies growing up until this minute. They spent the day in my hug rhododendron bush and then left for good. I eventually saw them again looking like slightly smaller adults.

Ready to Launch

This eager Blue was the first of the brood to launch. He wistfully looked out like this for about an hour then in a flash he launched!

Hanging Geranium a Dove

One Day We’ll Be Giants

One day old Bald Eagle eaglet from 2014 nest. This Bald Eagle’s nest is built in a tree that jets out of a cliff. Hiking up the other side very carefully, I am able to see inside the nest. This is the nineth year the Bald Eagles have nested here and the second year I have watched the nest.

Orphaned Great Horned Owlet

Violet-green swallow fledglings

Ready, set, go!

These four were getting ready to leave the nest

Always hungry

I’m hungry!!

This little Robin was the dominant one in the nest and would frequently step all over the other little baby to get first dibs at lunch! Luckily, there was a natural opening in the bush where the nest was located, so I had a great time watching them over the 2 weeks we were on vacation!

Canada goose gosling

Canada goose gosling

Out on a Limb

Young Red-Shouldered Hawk siblings watching the eldest as it considers flying

The Baby and His Blankie

Newly hatched Mockingbird baby. The white cotton the parents picked up to incorporate into the nest reminded me of a baby blanket.

Red-headed woodpecker

Leaving the nest.

Sandy Ridge Reservation in the Gazebo.

Tree Swallow Babies

These young tree swallows were growing rapidly and still needed lots of rest.

Mourning dove chicks snuggle under parent

Tree Swallow Ready to Fledge

This was a tree swallow a few days before fledging from a nest I had been watching.

Recently Hatched House Wrens

Recently Hatched House Wrens

Cute little duckling

A cute little Mallard duckling! What duckling isn’t cute!?

Green Heron fledgling

A Green Heron fledgling! So cute! This isn’t something you get to see everyday!

Baby Robin

This sweet little guy was hoping around in our yard and presented us with a sweet photo op 🙂

Killdeer plover with eggs and hatchlings.

This killdeer plover nested in the middle of a service road on the refuge. We carefully road around the nest for about 3 weeks and were rewarded with seeing beautiful tiny “puff” chicks and momma still sitting on 2 eggs Eventually all the eggs successfully hatched.

Not a happy camper!

Baby bluebirds- the beaks give these guys a sorrowful expression!

The Barn Swallow Trio

Baby barn swallows in my friends over hang on the Agawam River in Wareham,Ma

Young Barn Swallows

Young Barn Swallows on July 3, 2014.

Last one in nest

First Feathers

This little male Downy had recently fledged and was learning to take care of himself. He’s still a little fluffy looking.

A Little Late?

This was the only downy gosling in a flock of mixed adults and juveniles born earlier this spring.

Barn Swallow hello

There was a mixed Barn Swallow and Cliff Swallow colony in a picnic shelter. These guys grew up between 2 Cliff Swallow nests.

Great Blue Heron Chicks

Baby American robin

Baby American robin in my front yard

Fuzzy Grackle Baby

I almost walked right past this common grackle fledgling. The downy feathers on its head blended nicely with the dandelion fuzz that accumulated along the curb on a quiet street. 6/3/204

Safe and Cozy in the Rain

Probably a type of sparrow, nesting in a small pine tree in Akron, NY

Least Tern chick

This is a Least Tern chick just a few days old

First to hatch!

The Ugly DUckiling

I wasn’t quite sure what this was unti; the momma let me know how unhappy she was! Little guy was just learning to spread his wings!

Mother’s Little Helper

Ducklings first outing. After a long walk they decided to take a break by the pond.

Me Three!

After watching the momma and daddy cardinals build the nest and incubate the eggs, these baby birds were a sweet surprise. On this first day, they were starving!

Feed Me Seymour

My wife and I were sitting in a bird blind for about 15 minutes before we heard this “tiny” little cheep…. We turned around to see this little guy peaking his or her head out of the nest. I took this photo and we immediately exited the bird blind. As we did we saw one of the parents flying into the blind with a large worm in its beak.

Bright Eyes

This is a little cardinal baby that I had been watching since it’s birth. This is the day he chose to fledge the nest. After watching the antics of the parents and babies all day, this baby is settling in for the night after his daddy coaxed him off of the ground and into a nearby rose bush.

Hello New World!

For several days, maybe weeks, I kept hearing this tiny, high, fast, clicking noise that maybe could pass for a tweet. Continuing to listen each day, I started to wonder if the sound was actually a baby bird versus a new species of bird to the backyard (only been birding since Oct2013:). Then the sound become more clear that it could possibly be a baby cardinal. One Sunday afternoon, I heard the noise really loud inside the house. I eagerly said , “I am going to FIND who is making that noise Today!!!” I went to the windows and started looking in all the trees. I was beyond awe-struck when I found the “noise-maker”! A baby cardinal was sitting on a branch outside directly behind my husband’s leather chair. I did my best impersonation of the Michael Jackson Moon Walk as I backed up to go get the camera.
I was able to take several photographs of the baby cardinal through the slots of the shudders, yet I wanted a better photograph, especially since this would be through a window and not as clear as I would like. I slowly walked up to the shudders and opened it slowly. My heart was pounding rapidly as though the movement of my heart would scare the baby away more so than the window shudder moving. Surprisingly, s/he stayed and allowed me to take a few photographs. I was even able to take a few with my iphone. What finally made him/her fly away was the wind started blowing and there was a leaf that kept blocking the view of me. I really enjoyed getting to view this new creature today and it appeared so did s/he.

Spread your wings and fly!!

Baby cardinal flies from bird feeder to tree and stays awhile playing with his wing – in and out, in and out – then flies off:)

Baby Chickadee

Chickadee baby first day out of nest.

big baby mourning dove

big baby mourning dove in our yard

three baby robins

three baby robins

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology