Robin Family Supper Time

Mother and Father Robin bring worms to hungry babies in nest.


Waiting for lunch.

Family dinner time.

Breakfast at the feeder

A Hairy Woodpecker shares black oil sunflower seeds with its young, July 2014.

Me next

Parents feeding their chicks rarely stopping. They just pop a bug into the chicks mouth and fly away. Letting the chicks wait. When the parents get close they chirp as loud as they can for attention. The chicks are still able to fly but probably not the best bug catchers yet.

Hungry Baby Blue Jay

Open Wide

Red-bellied Woodpecker Baby and Mother

For several years I’ve watched the Red-bellied Woodpeckers nest and raise their young in my backyard, and every year these beautiful birds amaze me even more.

Nature’s Beauty Hummingbird Baby & Mother

I am extremely lucky to have experienced something first hand, something that most people only see in photographs. It is an indescribable feeling, one that I will never forget.

Baltimore Oriole male feeding his young.

We were visiting Presque Isle and watched this male Oriole fly in and out of the nest feeding his young.


While biking near a reservoir in Colorado I saw a pair of swallows taking turns entering this box with an abundance of bugs and exiting as soon as the other appeared. .

bluebirds getting feed

I put worms out for the blue birds so the mom took them to the feeder and was feeding them

Meal Time

Eastern Kingbird Inflight Meal

While walking Margaret Peak Preserve, Eaton Twsp., Lorain County OH, spotted this fledged Eastern Kingbird still being fed by both parents.

hungry baby

Family Dinner Time

finch nest in barn with female feeding juvenile and male standing watch

House wren feeding Baby

House Wren Feeding Baby a Leaf Hopper for breakfast, This is the 3rd clutch of birds to successfully fledge from my Nest box i made out of wood and bark.—-This Box has already fledged 5 chickadee’s-6 house wrens and then this clutch of 5 house wrens who will fledge on sunday.

11 mallard ducklings

Grebe feeding her chicks.

Dad fishes and brings the catch to mom who will feed the hungry chicks cruising on her back.

Tree Swallow feeding its youngs.

Very hungry chicks make parents busy.

Female Robin Feeding Her Fledgling

A nest fell out of our Maple Tree and one nestling came with it. It stayed in the yard all afternoon. The Mama was quite attentive.

Feeding Time

This juvenile Purple Martin is one of two left to fledge. The parents are starting to coax them out more & more and occasionally don’t bring them something to eat. This time dad brought food for this wide-mouthed, happy juvie. By the next day I believe this same juvie had moved outside the gourd and was sitting on the “front porch.” It won’t be long at all until it flies free. I will miss them, their joyous calls & songs and wish them well as they begin their travels south. We are happy hosting them and being Purple Martin landlords. This photo was phone-scoped through my iPhone.

Northern Cardinal and babies at nest

Discovered this nest in the magnolia tree outside our bedroom window, where we could watch the feeding activities without disturbing the birds!

Common Green Magpie

Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker

Barn Swallow feeding time

Barn swallow parents perform fly-by feedings of their fledglings on the driftwood-piled beaches of Blake Island, WA. Quite a few fledglings were perched on various pieces of driftwood and would wait for their parents to deliver insects to them, squawking and flapping their wings as their parent would approach.

Tree Swallow fledglings feeding

Your turn!!

Tree Swallows 3 fledged, one left

The 4 fledglings were raised soley by the mom, she lost her mate.

Hungry Blue Jay Nestlings

A Grand Attempt

Anhinga & Chicks

House Wren’s

Feeding Time for Red-necked Grebe babies

Dad Feeds Fledgling

Red-bellied feeding time.

Red-bellied woodpecker feeding baby.

Snack Time

Mom and Dad Bluebird

Unusual Feeding….

Who is feeding who here? This male cardinal seems to be feeding an immature blue grosbeak.

Sonoran Desert Hummingbird

A glimpse into the delicate, hidden life hummingbirds.

Thanks for the chow Dad!

I noticed this male cardinal feeding his young one for a few days before I was able to catch a shot of them. So sweet that they do this for their babies and for the females they are courting!

Eastern Kingbird

Thank you dad

Dad feeding

Careful or someone will get an eye poked out!

Breakfast of Champions

Eastern Bluebird mother feeding chicks as father stands guard.

Dinner All Aglow

feeding time

Scanning for Mom

While on a Sunday morning hike through the Utah mountains we spotted these three little Pewees standing in their nest scanning the trees for Mom who was bringing in tasty bugs. They have all the approaches covered in the Gold, Silver, Bronze pose.

Chow Line

Dinner Time!

Robins nesting in my yard.

Grounded Baby Purple Martins Get a Meal

Three Purple Martins ended up on the ground for a couple of days when Hurricane Arthur blew through. Undaunted by the change of nest residence, the parents continued to feed the young ones until they were able to fly a day or so later.

Male Housefinch delivering supper.

A pair of housefinches made a nest on the eagle’s wings that stand guard above our back deck door. Eggs were laid the day that Hurricane Arthur passed through and one blew out of the nest and cracked. The other three hatched a couple of weeks later and as I type this today (July 31, 2014), the young are just about ready to fledge.

“We’re hungry!”

Hummingbird at Feeder

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

For year living here we were not aware of these big birds living here. Now they come every day to our front yard.2 families .

First I thought they were “Turky buzzards”. Couldn’t believe there were real turkyes. Now since they are coming here I can see they are!

Mama and her poults visiting my birdfeeder

Thses lovely turkey’s started showing up at my feeder the beginning of the week, and now come twice a day…this is the first time I’ve ever had turkeys come here…so I was in awe!!

Asian barbet

In the image we can see a Brown-headed Barbet or Large Green Barbet (Megalaima zeylanica) known as Asian barbet in India. In my hometown Pathanamthitta there was a old tree and this bird used to come every day, later on i saw that it had a small hole and the bird has made that hole as its nest. After some time I could see it taking small fruits towards the nest. This is one such occasion wherein i could take a picture of it leaving its nest.

Robins last meal from mom

A Barn Swallow Choir!

I was attending to my horse, Summer, when I heard this incessant small whining sound in the rafters where I boarded her. I located the sound, only to find four little heads sitting there waiting for food from Mama. I positioned myself on a stool so that I could get a decent photo between the rafters and the florescent lighting and I waited. The screaming started just as Mama flew in and I snapped the photo, not sure what I would get!
I loved how her wingspan was almost embracing her clan as she delivered a morsel.

Get up!

That’s a Lot of Mouths to Feed

Triplet newborn American Robins – only a couple of days old.

Violet-green swallows parents and chicks

Fledging day and the chicks are wearing their parents out

Ready to go

Feeding the little ones

“Lunch on the Fly”

I snapped this one of a beautiful male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird at my front yard feeder. The feeder is located right outside of my picture window. I setup my camera on my tripod and tripped the shutter with a remote release at he flew to and from the feeder. This pic was taken with a Canon EOS7D with L-Series 300mm f/2.8 IS lens in manual mode @ 1/500 f/8.0 ISO200.

Feeding time

parent delivering a fish to young osprey

Double Helping

Both Mockingbird parents came in with a bite to eat, at the same time. Busy parents with 3 little mouths to feed.

Hungry Baby!

On 6-15-14 I found these little guys had just hatched and by 7-2-14 they were demanding to be fed!!

Family Dinner

This cardinal couple built a nest in a rose bush right outside our kitchen window. We watched them raise two sweet babies.

A little wine from these grapes would go great with a worm mom.

After building a nest in my garden and not having her eggs hatch the mother built a second nest in my grape vines. I didn’t find it until she’d laid three eggs, which all hatched in the last two days. I’ve been growing the grape vines for 4 years and this year was going to be my “crop” year, however with the nest I can’t really get close and I certainly couldn’t spray the vines insects, etc. The crop is pretty well half destroyed by bugs / black rot, but the bird family is doing just fine.

Open Wide

A daddy bluebird feeding a baby bluebird in a tree in my yard.

Hungry Tree Swallow Fledglings

I was thrilled to witness these young fledglings exercising their wings on a rock in my yard while a parent kept swooping in to feed the hungry bunch.

Juvenile Bluebird with Dinner

I have been watching these bluebirds since hatching and was lucky enough to see this one learning how to get his own dinner.

Baby Blues

Male Nevada bluebird feeding two of the five that are in this nest.


Robin nest in Holly Tree

Eastern Bluebird Chick

Sandhill crane and baby eating grubs

This is a familiar sight in Melbourne, Florida. Newly hatched Sandhill Cranes with mother, hunting grubs.

Mon and baby Sandhill Cranes

Baby Sandhill Crane and mother hunting grubs.

Born in East LA

This mother began building her nest in January 2014 on a bamboo branch outside my bedroom window. I watched her raise her first clutch of two followed immediately by a second clutch of one. LA hummingbirds are very fond of the vibrant purple trumpet-shaped flowers on the vines covering the metal fence perimeter, which made it at attractive, yet protected, location for a nest.

Singing for their supper!

We Eat This?

First outing for goslings and parents were showing them how to find food.

Patience Required

I had been watching this nest since I saw the cardinal momma and daddy making it. I had snapped a couple of pics each day to monitor the growth. I decided I wanted to capture the feeding by the parents, one or the other. I set up my tripod and my camera and equipped with the remote for the shutter, I got in a comfy position not too far away and waited…and waited. It took quite a long while for the momma and daddy to get comfortable with “something different” being a bit too close to the nest. You see, in order for the remote to work, I could not be more than 6-8 feet away from the camera. The cardinal parents would fly to the fence the nest was on, check me out over and over again,and fly away. I never looked at them, but had my head positioned so I could see them just out of the corner of my eye. FINALLY, it happened, the daddy cardinal didn’t fly away! He landed on the fence and then he flew into the nest. At that time, I could not see him or the babies, I just began snapping away with the remote. He fed and then flew. As soon as he fled the nest, I immediately removed my tripod and camera and headed inside to see if I had captured anything worthwhile. I was beyond excited to see this photo.

Ta-Da! I’m here!

Little baby blue bird flies back and forth from feeder to tree. He stops to “sing” (aka looking for mom to feed) for awhile.

Thanks Dad!

Was hearing loud baby chirps of a cardinal – finally saw the father feeding the baby:)

baby catbirds feeding time

all summer we’ve been watching these chatty catbirds in a barberry bush in our front yard


Hungry Robinettes

Robin’s Nest-Ft. Tryon Park

Robin watching over two babes

Happy House Wren Family

This house wren family nested in a nesting box that was hanging underneath my front porch. I was able to observe by watching through a small window that is directly across from the nest. The parents mainly seemed to be feeding their babies small insects. I even saw them “taking out the diapers” (poop sack). It is so nice to be able to observe birds this closely. House wrens are adorable and they are such good parents.

Answering the call of: Feed me, feed me\”

I photographed this photo from our den window of an Eastern Bluebird delivering a meal to its babies.
The babies competed for position so they might be first to be fed.

Meal on Wing

I photographed an Eastern Bluebird, through our den window, as it was delivering a meal to its babies.

Wren food

Wren Parent heading home with dinner

Dinner time.

Osprey Feeding

Dad brought dinner home again

Begging Sprague’s Pipit chicks

Hungry Sprague’s Pipit chicks begging for their breakfast.

Hungry babies!

Papa house sparrow feeding babies in a gourd nest.


Baby Bluebird waiting for a feeding

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology