Kildeer eggs

This pair of kildeer made their nest in my laneway, so I was able to watch them on a daily basis until the eggs were hatched. Unfortunately I could not get a photo of the babies as the parents moved them away very quickly!

Killdeer Eggs

Happy Mother’s Day

While visiting my parents’ graves at Wake Cross Roads Baptist Church over Mother’s Day weekend, my husband and I discovered this killdeer nest. What an appropriate location that the little mother bird had chosen!

Killdeer nest

Killdeer plover with eggs and hatchlings.

This killdeer plover nested in the middle of a service road on the refuge. We carefully road around the nest for about 3 weeks and were rewarded with seeing beautiful tiny “puff” chicks and momma still sitting on 2 eggs Eventually all the eggs successfully hatched.

Killdeer chicks

Two chicks and two eggs

Protective mama killdeer with eggs

A pair of killdeer made their nest right by the walking path in the Peace Garden. Because of their clever feigning trick of a broken wing, we weren’t sure where the actual nest was until I was almost on top of it and the mama switched from faking injury to straight up dive bombing my head. Sorry, birdies! We were just trying to figure out where it was so we could avoid it and let you relax!

Killdeer eggs

Killdeer eggs

Baby Killdeer

Baby Killdeer.

Killdeer: The ultimate home decorator

I found this killdeer nest and was so impressed by the decor that I took a picture of it. The sleek, modern, edginess of the bone on the right is balanced out by the beautifully landscaped green space on the left. Before you know it, this killdeer will probably have its own show on HGTV and be raking in the millions. Who said the life of a bird was hard?

Killdeer Nest

This Killdeer family’s nest is in the middle of my gravel driveway/parking area. Visitors with horse-trailers have to maneuver around it.

“don’t even think about it!”

Killdeer babies & egg

In the middle of the football field at the local high school, the Killdeer made their nest. One baby is out of the nest, 2 are freshly hatched, and one egg to go. All 4 survived.

Killdeer eggs

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology