Just waiting for breakfast!

Place bug here….

Young Northern Mocking birds want to eat!

About to fly the coop.

This nest was right outside my computer window. I saw the nest being built, the parents sitting on the eggs, and the babies growing up until this minute. They spent the day in my hug rhododendron bush and then left for good. I eventually saw them again looking like slightly smaller adults.

Double Helping

Both Mockingbird parents came in with a bite to eat, at the same time. Busy parents with 3 little mouths to feed.

The Baby and His Blankie

Newly hatched Mockingbird baby. The white cotton the parents picked up to incorporate into the nest reminded me of a baby blanket.

The Second Story

My husband and I watched a Mockingbird pair build their nest on our front port, using an old birdhouse as the base. We were very excited for them to move in, as we could watch from our living room without disturbing the family.

Singing for their supper!

Mockingbird eggs

Mockingbird eggs found in roses surrounding arbor.

Me first!

The Northern Mockingbirds regularly use our Yucca or this Sago Palm as nesting sites. This one is right outside our bay window.

Purple Heart Plant Perch

1st day out of nest

The One & Only

The Northern Mockingbird couple spent well over a month perfecting this nest in my topiary next to my front porch steps. This spot is prime real estate for the Mockers who fight for this location every season. Every time we were outside anywhere in the vicinity, he or she would come with a stick in mouth, and fine tune the nest right in front of us. She finally laid an egg in it on Mother’s Day, but, decided to lay the remaining in my neighbors yard. The egg was abandoned.

Baby Mockingbirds

Mockingbird nest in my rose bush, June 2014.

Mockingbird Eggs

Northern Mockingbirds nested in my rose bush. They added an egg each day from May 26 to May 29, 2014.

Strike a pose!

This little guy was wondering around out of the nest exploring. When I saw one of the babies in the tree and heard the other one on the ground I raced inside to get my camera. Next thing you know the baby Mockingbird on the ground started jumping and hoping around. This little guy was having a blast. I took so many pictures of the baby and it was like the little guy was having his own photo shoot. Both of us enjoyed the moment and the pictures turned out amazing!


I watched these babies from egg to flight!

So many birds, not quite enough nest!

Everybody at the office I work in is aware of my love for birds and birdwatching. A lady whose company does our landscaping came in one day a couple of weeks ago to have me come out and see a nest she found in an azalea bush. I’m pretty sure these are Northern Mockingbirds as that’s most of what we have hanging around our office.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology