Piping Plover Chick Standing

This tiny Piping Plover chick wandered out of the restricted access area on Sandy Point and into the tide pools near the water line! At this point, he had stopped running and was standing there, at the edge of the water, just looking around. It looked like he was wondering how he got there! So CUTE! ūüėČ

Piping plover chick

2 day old piping plover chick is hardly taller than a piece of seaweed!

Piping plover

Young chick testing out the wings

Piping plover

Piping plover chick trying to figure out how to handle this big mouthful!

Piping plover family

Once chicks hatch, the nest is wherever mom is! The chicks nestle under her for warmth, the off again to explore and find bugs to eat

Piping Plover Nest

A full clutch of Piping Plover eggs on the shore of the Missouri River.

The joys of PIPL nests.

I work for Virginia Tech on their Piping Plover and Least Tern monitoring program. After weeks and weeks of searching for and finding nests, we then had to wait a second eternity until they hatched. Until one sunny morning, we came upon one of the nests to see not one, but two of the cutest faces waiting for us in the nest bowl. It was a wonderful morning.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology