It’s a Big, Big, world!

Just fledged robin.

Young Barn Swallows

Young Barn Swallows on July 3, 2014.

Baby Chipping Sparrow

Every year, Chipping Sparrows nest in a pine tree in our front yard. This little guy spent a few rainy days this Spring sitting on a branch at eye-level next to our driveway, as his parents flew back and forth bringing him food. He was really fun to watch, and had the most adorable grumpy-face!

Osprey Feeding

Dad brought dinner home again

Sleeping Nestling

Osprey nestling around 50 days old

Fuzzy eyebrows

Baby Carolina wren in the nest.

Two Adult Cliff Swallows on Nest with Chick Inside, July 2, 2014

Although a pair of Barn Swallows was perching near this already-built porch nest earlier this spring, the pair ceased doing so during May. On June 13, 2014 we first observed adult Cliff Swallows inside the nest, guarding and adding mud to it. In retrospect, assuming a 14-day incubation period, there must have already been at least one egg in the nest on that date because on June 30 and on subsequent days we observed a chick through the nest’s entrance hole. There may have been more chicks in the nest, but they were not visible. On July 2 I took this photo from inside my apartment through a crack in my blinds and through two layers of glass. It shows the chick inside the nest with two adults on the outside, presumably about to feed the chick. During that time period, there were often more than two adults seeking entrance to the nest, but not all of them were allowed inside because an adult inside the nest’s entrance would peck some of them away. Once an adult would gain entrance to the nest, it would often seem to be feeding the chick and adding mud to the nest at the same time. We no longer observed this chick in the nest, or any adults guarding the nest, after July 8. We therefore assume that this chick fledged on July 9. A detailed chronology is available at

My baby robin

First glimpse of the Robin nest I had been watching. She would never leave the nest when I was watching until this time.

A Kiss For Good Luck!

This baby American Tree Swallow had just fledged and landed on the wire where the male was feeding him.

First Splash Bath All By Myself!

The cardinals just love to use the fresh water to take a great big splish splash bath on a hot day. The babies learned pretty quickly how to use it too. I always have a couple of these out with fresh water every day. I put them under the patio table with the umbrella’s up, and close to lots of vegetation so they are safe from predators. They love it!

Young Canada Goose looking for food

You just never know where you will find wild life so I bring my camera everywhere..I took this photo in front of a car dealer on rt 31 in Clay NY. Lots of baby geese and ducks there.. i have also seen Great blue herons and green herons there.. pretty cool.

“Strolling along the lake side” Baby Egyptian Goose

This beautiful little baby Egyptian Goose was strolling along the lake side with his Egyptian Goose parents.

Baby Brown Pelican.

This photo was the first time I have seen a Baby Brown Pelican. And what a joy was it to watch him play in the water.

Hurry Mom, I’m Hungry!

I was very lucky to be able to see this wonderful display of family among birds, with the Mother Crow feeding the baby Crow.

“Dinner Time” Mother Crow feeding baby Crow.

I have been following this family of Crows since the baby was just out of the egg. I was treated to this wonderful display of this Mother Crow feeding her baby. The Mother Crow actually found a bone and was taking the meat off the bone to feed the baby. Quite the site to see.

Treman Babies

I am submitting this photo which was taken by my daughter, Mathea, along the trail at Treman Park. She asked me to submit it for her. Around shoulder height, they found this nest nestled into the rocks, full of baby birds waiting for mom and a meal. Very surprised to see this nest and birds so vulnerable close to the trail and people.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology