Bluebird babies looking out

Two baby Eastern Bluebirds almost ready to leave nest

Welcome to the world!

This little bluebird fledgling had only been out of the bluebird nesting box a few minutes when he was welcomed to his new world with a summer storm. He did not look very happy to be greeted this way.


Baby Bluebird waiting for a feeding

Feeding The Kids

Male Eastern Bluebird bringing a stinkbug back to the nesting box for the kids.

Daddy Bluebird

This is Daddy Bluebird exiting the nesting box after feeding the babies.

Bluebird Mom

This is our bluebird box in May of 2014. I would stand rather close to the box once I saw the Mom and Dad Bluebird go in to feed the brood. Then I would snap the photos on their way out.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology