No Snakes Here!

Newly hatched Carolina Wren in a nest lined with snakeskin

Feeding Frenzy

This pair if wrens have built 3 nests on our front porch over the spring and summer. This last nest is right next to our front door. We spend a lot of time on our front porch and they are very accustomed to us being around. They are very trusting of us. We have enjoyed watching them build, feed each other while the other is on the nest and now both mama and daddy are frantically feeding the four little ones!

Fuzzy eyebrows

Baby Carolina wren in the nest.

Carolina Wrens

Carolina Wren 6 floors skyscraper

This nest has been build upon 6 times over, in the same spot. You can see one nest cup on top of another balanced between window rail and the window.

It was originally started as a Robin’s nest, but from year two through six, it was occupied and built each successive year by the Carolina Wren that returns year after year. The Carolina Wren stacks twigs and sticks in the space between top of the nest and the roof eve so there is only very small space to enter the nest cup, and it in turn, minimizes intrusion by predators.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology