Grebe feeding her chicks.

Dad fishes and brings the catch to mom who will feed the hungry chicks cruising on her back.

The Barn Swallow Quintet

The Barn Swallow Quintet lives in the old hog barn in our centennial farm. My daughters greet them every morning and every night as they care for their 4-H animals. A barn cat got hold of the mother swallow, but my empathetic 11-year-old was able to rescue her. It was a good thing, because the eggs hatched the next day. Three days later, these babies popped up to chirp for their supper.

The Alligator

This chickadee keeps flying in and out of the alligator’s mouth. Unfortunately, it was too dark to take a photograph of the interior with the chicks, but this alligator is just about equivalent to a birdhouse anyways ūüėČ
I also have a video of the chickadee flying into and out of the nest with baby chirping coming from inside the alligator. If you would like to see it, it is on my Flickr account. Here is the link:

Hooded Warbler chicks

I was observing a female Hooded Warbler when I saw her land on a nest about 2 feet in past the tree line. I waited for her to fly off then I quickly went in and snapped a couple shots before she returned.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology