Full House

This nest was located under my bathroom window on the side of my house.

Red-headed woodpecker

Least Tern Nest and Eggs

Least Tern nest and eggs (2)

Mockingbird Eggs

Northern Mockingbirds nested in my rose bush. They added an egg each day from May 26 to May 29, 2014.

Swainson’s Thrush nest in Oregon

The nest was located in a 40-acre stand of large second-growth Douglas Fir trees. There were a few Oregon White Oak and Bigleaf Maple trees along the edges of the stand, and scattered Hazel bushes throughout. The ground cover was mostly mosses, Sword Fern, and some Poison Oak. I found this nest exactly 62 years to the day after my father found a Swainson’s Thrush nest in an oak grove about three miles from this location.

Mourning Dove nest and eggs

This was the first nest I observed for 2014 after a brutal NE Ohio winter. This picture was taken on 03/28/14, one of the earliest dove nests I have ever encountered.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology