Red-bellied feeding time.

Red-bellied woodpecker feeding baby.

Hungry Tree Swallow Fledglings

I was thrilled to witness these young fledglings exercising their wings on a rock in my yard while a parent kept swooping in to feed the hungry bunch.

Juvenile Bluebird with Dinner

I have been watching these bluebirds since hatching and was lucky enough to see this one learning how to get his own dinner.

Mummy I’m hungry

We have really enjoyed watching the Downy or Hairy (could someone help us with that please) Woodpecker family raising their young. Both the male and female have been feeding them from our suet feeder. The babies eagerly wait for their parents to feed and then feed them. It is reality TV at its best.

Dinner Time!

Four young American Robins wait for the mother to return with food

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology