Hiding in the Shade

Hidden Hummingbird nest

I was on a backpack in southern Utah and discovered this gem while I was collecting water. It was tucked under a rock ledge and very well hidden!

hungry baby

Hummingbird & Nest

Wren nest

We found this wren nest when we opened the hood of our tractor. We didn’t disturb it; we left the tractor alone until the babies left the nest.

Speckled Eggs

An evergreen shrub in my yard was home to this nest.

Nest in the Grass

I found this nest when the mother bird suddenly flew as I walked by. It was camouflaged but just in the grass on the ground, so vulnerable. Two days later the nest was empty. I don’t know if she could have moved them or they were eaten by some other animal. I don’t know what species they are. The mother was small and brown like a sparrow.


Wooly neighbors !

On vacation in Nova Scotia we had the pleasure to share our camping site with this friendly family !

New babies in a recycled nest.

These babies were born after their parents recycled a nest from last year. The original nest was grass and straw and was built under the roof of our swim pier. The new couple added on with mud and feathers and made an upgraded home for these babies. They thrived! And boy did mom and dad ever work themselves to death feeding them! These babies were hungry!

A feather bed!

This nest was created by birds this year who built onto the leftover nest of other birds from last year. The nest is under the roof of our swim pier. The original nest was mostly straw/grass. This “addition” was mostly mud with a feather lining.

Hummingbird babies on crescent moon windchime

Spring 2008 – I noticed a tiny nest on a small crescent moon wind chime that hung about a foot outside my family room window. That spring, and for the next 2 years, we were able to closely watch everything from roosting to fledgling of 3 sets of babies. Fascinating and at times heartbreaking as not all lived. This is the first pair.

Safe and Cozy in the Rain

Probably a type of sparrow, nesting in a small pine tree in Akron, NY

Ground nest

Tiny nest found on the ground, unknown bird.

Brand New Baby Bird

New baby fledgling I found wandering in my garden.

Some Eggs Don’t Take

Fallen Angel


This started as a robins nest but they never laid in it. Sparrows then moved in and had a successful family. Now another set of sparrows have moved in.

Wren food

Wren Parent heading home with dinner

somebody feed me!!

where’s the beef

two hungry chicks

3 eggs

Front porch wrens


Humming bird nest

wren in clothespin bag

We had been away from home for a week and found this nest in our clothespin bag upon our return! We sighted a wren flying in and out from it. The photo needs to be turned to the right so it hangs properly!

Nestled Eggs on Louisiana Swampland

Birdy just hatched and yawning on our front door!

Bird just hatched and was built on our wreath on our front door! Amazing!

Located on the front door

A bird a building a beautiful nest on the front door! Knock Knock who’s there?

A New Day


Nesting here, nesting there, nesting everywhere!

Nest with two eggs inside a plastic bag.

Baby bird

On porch lightpost

Sweet babies




Unknown large nest

Located in hay barn w natural pond near-by but not next to.

Creative zoo nest

I wish this had been around for the strange nests in strange places contest. I work as an ape keeper at the Oklahoma City Zoo. We found this nest in a tire swing in the orangutan yard. In addition to the usual twigs and leaves, some little bird smartly built her nest out of a combination of orangutan hair, gorilla hair, and a bit of snake skin.

Treman Babies

I am submitting this photo which was taken by my daughter, Mathea, along the trail at Treman Park. She asked me to submit it for her. Around shoulder height, they found this nest nestled into the rocks, full of baby birds waiting for mom and a meal. Very surprised to see this nest and birds so vulnerable close to the trail and people.

Eggs in the Sagebrush-Steppe

While doing field work with pygmy rabbits in southern Idaho, we ran across this nest, nestled in the sagebrush. It was beautiful and I spent the rest of the day looking for more nests!

Home in the Clubhouse

My daughter climbed into her clubhouse for the first time in the spring & found a surprise!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology