An Anna’s Hummingbird Finds it’s Fledgling

I was filming an Anna’s Hummingbird nest for several weeks when the last chick finally fledged. Of course, this was news to Mom who was away foraging. When she returned with food to the empty nest, she began excitedly chirping and circling the yard looking for her chick. When the chick heard her call, it began peeping and fluttering on the branch. It didn’t take long before Mom found her chick, only about 10 feet away from the nest, perched on a Tree Peony. This was the first feeding the chick received after leaving the nest.

Fluff feeds her chicks

Fluff, an Anna’s Hummingbird, feeds her chicks shortly after they hatched. The chicks are about the size of raisins and require gentle feeding every half hour or so to ensure they grow into young healthy birds.

Leaf and Petal Share a Moment

I was filming an Anna’s Hummingbird nest for several weeks and just before the chicks fledged, Leaf put a wing around Petal as if to offer encouragement for the big adventure ahead.

Hidden Hummingbird Nest

I knew there was a hummingbird nest nearby, but a much as I searched, I couldn’t find it.., until Mama came home to roost. She settled down lightly on a small nest hidden in the lichen. It was almost completely invisible without her on top.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology