Cutest Babies in Their Parents’ Eyes

Great Egret babies looking cute in their downy feathers

Spring Fireworks

Great Egret displaying its beautiful breeding plumage to attract a mate at the Smith Oaks Rookery at High Island, Texas

Waiting for food

Photo taken at the St Augustine Alligator Farm bird rookery where hundreds of birds nest virtually above and next to the boardwalk.

One Branch at a Time

Another image from Gatorland in Orlando, March 2016.

Little Dinosaur

At Gatorland in Orlando, the Great Egrets nest right next to the boardwalks. This nest was less than 10 feet from an almost constant stream of curious tourists.

Egrets Feeding

Taken at Gatorland, a world class rookery in Orlando. These egrets are enjoying a fine fish dinner.

First Born

I had the pleasure of visiting the St. Augustine rookery in mid-April of 2016 just at the peak of the Great Egret nesting. It seemed like everywhere we looked there were egret young clamoring to be fed, or adults tending youngsters. I spotted this nest back in a tree and watched while the adult preened and tended a single very small nestling. It was touching to see how very gentle the adult was when feeding the nestling and when moving about in the nest.

Young Great Egrets Besetting Mom

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology