The cutest little Great Horned Owlets

I was thrilled to watch these amazing Great Horned Owlets over a period of time. It was exciting watching them safe in the nest in a tree trunk, branching and eventually fledging. So glad I was able to photograph them, and have pictures to share. There were three babies that all fledged successfully. These babies were adorable, and their father was handsome, but their mother was absolutely stunning.

Mama watched us like a hawk…uh… Owl

We watched for an hour from our car. Mama Great Horned Owl was NOT happy with us watching her 3 fluffy headed babies! She kept their heads down most of the time. This was her HAPPIEST face for us! She never moved but she never took her laser gaze off of us either! We did not approach the tree trunk of this mostly dead tree at the corner of a field on a dusty country road. May 2016.

Like Mother Like Chick

Great Horned Owl baby and mother checking out the photographer

Mom Owl Babies and Squirrel

As I photographed the Great Horned Owl nest a Gray Squirrel ran up the tree with nesting material, she had a nest just three feet above the owls. Mom didn’t seem to care, but the little ones were interested and watched the Squirrel go by several times.

Triplet Great Horned Owls

Triplet Great Horned Owls on a rainy day not long before the fledged.

Great Horned Owl baby checking who’s below

Four baby owls watched by many at the historic Old Pen

Nap Time

This baby Great Horned Owl looks ready for a snooze.

Great Horned Baby

This picture was taken on a trail that I frequently hike. The owlet sat very still for me and i took lots of shots. But this one was my favorite.

Sibling Moment

Local celebrities for several weeks, these Great Horned Owlets charmed birders and photographers with moments like this.

Baby Great Horned Owl

This was taken in our woods.

What do you want to do? I don’t know, whatever you want to do

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology