Killdeer protecting nest

This Killdeer performed the Broken Wing Display in an effort to draw us from the place her nest was hidden.

High Heels

This sweet baby Killdeer was doing her best, albeit clumsily, to keep up with her Mommy as they crossed the street behind my home.

Newly Hatched

Momma Killer with eggs

I nearly stepped on this nest until Ms. Killdeer made me aware of it. She chose a spot very near the sign for the park. Photo taken with cellphone.

Killdeer parking lot gravel “nest”

Nest is located next to the sign at the entrance of the park. Photo taken with new camera after using cell phone a week earlier to take a photos.

Killdeer baby

Killdeer baby. One of 4 chicks wandering around with Mom nearby.

Killdeer Nest

This killdeer nest was located right on the edge of our 1/4 mile stone driveway that leads up to the farm. We had to build a rock barrier to remind us where they were so we wouldn’t run over them. There were four babies and I was able to capture two of them. The Mama does quite a dance whenever we get near the nest, I wish I would have taken a picture of that too.

Wish I could be back with my mommy

This sweet little Killdeer was taken from its nesting area by a well meaning person thinking they were rescuing a lost turkey or chicken baby, They gave it to a friend to put in with her chickens or turkeys, She brought it to Agway where I was buying bird seed, wanting to know which it was turkey or chicken, when I saw it and told her what it was she wanted to know which pen she should put it in, I asked if she knew where the nesting site was so could return it but didnt and freind couldnt remember so I took it to Cornell University Animal Hospital ( 2 hours from my home) and they just sent me an update baby is doing great and has been transfered to a wild life rehab to be raised and released., WISH MORE PEOPLE KNEW NOT TO HELP BABY BIRDS MORE OFTEN THEN NOT THEY DONT NEED IT .

Killdeer Chicks!

Killdeer eggs

Killdeer Nest

Killdeer hiding under Mommma

This mother Killdeer decided to raise her family in the parking lot of the local Mall. The babies had no place to hide except under their mother. As you can see here, one is in hiding and the other is looking to hide as well.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology