Mockingbird Nest

I got to photograph a nearby farm & in one of their small trees was this darling mockingbird nest.

Mockingbird Babies

These precious babies were a week old here. The family had a nest in a small tree right by our house. I had the privilege of photographing them once a day.

Mocking(bird) Laundry

Our rescue fledgling surprised me when I saw him sitting on a load of laundry, fortunately already dirty laundry.

Almost Lunch Time

The Northern Mockingbirds in this area were all very active. This Mockingbird had a nest with young in a Palm tree in the front yard of the hotel. I just had to wait a short time and this bird shows up with a beak full of juicy bugs, which it then fed to the babies in the nest.

Northern Mockingbird

This young Northern Mockingbird was setting on the wall around the hotel pool waiting for food. I observed one adult feed this baby but I had to leave before another adult came back.

Ugly cute

This baby and its sibling fledged from a nest in my family’s front yard, and spent several days bravely exploring the neighborhood. All day we heard their shrill squees and the scolding snaps of their parents.

Just Dance..Dance Dance!

Baby Mockingbird exploring the world. Saw this cutie at an apartment complex. The little guy was bouncing around. It was if the baby mockingbird was dancing. Twirling around, spreading it’s little wings and showing the world nothing can stop this baby. What character this little guy showed!

Mockingbird baby

I was walking one morning and heard little sound, I looked to see what is it then found the little baby bird eating on the mama to feeding him…

Juvenile Northern Mockingbird

Juvenile Northern Mockingbirds in our neighborhood have been stopping by the feeders for a meal.

Mockingbird baby

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology