The Piping Plover family nest is just a small scrape in the sand and mom as the roof.

I’m adorable and I know it

Every year the Piping Plovers return to the shore of Georgian Bay. This past spring/summer 5 pair nested. Here’s hoping all of the chicks survive and their numbers continue to increase.

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This tiny, sand blown piping plover chick was exploring the beach in New England in search of food.

Piping Plover Family

A tiny piping plover chick snuggles up to its mother to get warm after exploring the beach in New England.

Sleepy piping plover chick

Piping plover chick only a day or two old was falling asleep on it’s feet….it finally settled down for a 5 minute nap before it was on the go again! Being a baby plover is a lot of work!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology