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Red tail Hawk on Nest

The thrilling experience of seeing the red tail hawk eyas stand and spread their wings on the nest as they grow.Photo taken at the local library on the third floor through a window with no disturbance to the nest.

Red tail Hawk Nest

I was eye witness to the adult Red tail Hawk fly in to the nest with its prey,in this case a small bird and drop it in the nest to feed family of three eyas.This photo was taken on the third floor of the local library where the nest was built in a pine tree and I took the photograph through the window without any disturbance to the nest.As the adult hawk flew in,I saw a small branch with leaf with the prey which was deposited in the nest and the eyas played with the branch as if it were a toy at a later time after feeding.

Red tail Hawk

This is a photo of the adult Red tail Hawk during feeding time.The photo was taken from the third floor of the public through the window without disturbance to the nest which is in a pine tree.As depicted in this photo,the adult already has some food in the beak to begin feeding each eyas.

Red tail Hawk

Photo was taken from the third floor window of the public library through the window.Nest was in a pine tree and could be viewed and take photograph without disturbance to the nest.My photo is of three red tail eyas on the nest.

Red-tailed hawk and squirrel

I monitored this nest throughout this season. Sadly, one chick out of three survived. Last year none survived. (A great horned owl is suspect.) I witnessed this chick go from baby food, small frogs and mice, to larger prey, squirrel. The expression on the juvenile’s face is priceless!

Rescued Red-tail hawk

I was an eye witness to this juvenile hawk’s rescue. It fell out of it’s nest in front of my son’s apartment. He contacted a rehabilitator and she brought him a large basket. He put the basket and hawk in a tree. The parents watched and did continue feeding it. The day after this was taken he flew away.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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