Titmouse with a mustache

We put horse hair our every spring when the horses start to shed. This titmouse took full advantage of the opportunity, and took beaks full of hair back to the nest!

Looking out at the world

Baby titmouse peeking out the world, the next day it had left the nest.

Where’s Mom?

I discovered this tufted titmouse and its two siblings in a tree in Reynolda Gardens in Winston-Salem. They were waiting not-so-patiently to be fed by Mom and Dad. I like that you can see the emerging feather tufts on its head in this photo. Fortunately this young one did not have long to wait before Mom or Dad arrived with supper!

What’s for supper?

I heard a commotion in a tree as I was walking in Reynolda Gardens in Winston-Salem. I discovered three tufted titmice clamoring for attention from their parents. The parents were both nearby and getting food to the three as quickly as they could. I was able to capture this image of one of the babies being fed in the afternoon sunlight.

Don’t Laugh – I’ll be a beautiful Tufted Titmouse someday!

This little one is taking his first trip to the feeder and just doesn’t quite know where to put his feet, what to do with his hair, and what to do with the peanut he just grabbed!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology