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Saved this little baby from the road❤️

peeping out

Season after season Tree swallows raise their babies up in the vent, on the outer wall of the kitchen several feet above the ground. When I got to see the bird parents flying in and out of the vent I knew that they were building a nest there. I took photos in mornings, mid day and the evenings. Tree swallows are the swiftest birds, I have ever seen. Not easy to photograph. With my camera with telephoto lens mounted on a tripod, I took photos. Devout parents take turn to incubate and feed. Two cute little babies are peeping out to take a good look of the world outside while waiting for their parents’ visit

Red tail Hawk on Nest

The thrilling experience of seeing the red tail hawk eyas stand and spread their wings on the nest as they grow.Photo taken at the local library on the third floor through a window with no disturbance to the nest.

Triplet Great Horned Owls

Triplet Great Horned Owls on a rainy day not long before the fledged.

Eastern Screech-Owlet in Maple Tree

We had three Eastern Screech-Owlets fledge from our backyard nest box. Two or three days later we heard a group of smaller birds mobbing a maple tree a few yards over. Sure enough, the owl family was hiding out there and the smaller birds were letting everyone know. The owlets were very curious and cute checking us out at the base of the tree.

Hooded Warbler Babies Cuddling!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology