Overwhelmed Mom

Children can be so demanding, and this Bluebird Mom’s expression, seemed to say it all!

Dinner at last!

Doesn´t this look familiar? After several weeks of birdwatching at a distance the ash-throated flycatcher´s family tree nest, these hard-to-spot fellows finally rewarded me with this scene.

First Feeding

This male mourning dove feeds his hour old hatchling for the first time. He also is sitting on a second egg, which hasn’t hatched, yet. The adult’s head bobbed up and down during the feeding; the hatchling following the movement. The body of the adult was heaving as well; regurgitating. I have read that this regurgitation is the production of “pigeon’s milk” for the youngling.

Northern Flicker Family

While watching nesting loons, I kept hearing squeaky noises behind me. I turned my kayak toward the shoreline and saw this Northern Flicker feeding chicks!

Yes, Please!

One of two loon chicks eagerly accepts a minnow from its parent. In this image, its only two days old, born on July 11th. I was amazed to see how much it can eat!

Red-headed Woodpecker feeding

A Red headed Woodpecker nest at feeding time, both male and female share the feeding.

Feeding time for baby robins

Babies always ready to eat when a parent shows up

Red-bellied dad and junior

This summer, we’ve had two pairs of red-bellied woodpeckers feeding fledglings around our property. I was lucky to be sitting outside early one morning when this male brought one of his offspring to a nearby birch tree to feed it. Watching birds care for their young is always magical.

The Eaglet

The Bald Eagle nest, the adult eagle brought in food for the Eaglet

First Born

I had the pleasure of visiting the St. Augustine rookery in mid-April of 2016 just at the peak of the Great Egret nesting. It seemed like everywhere we looked there were egret young clamoring to be fed, or adults tending youngsters. I spotted this nest back in a tree and watched while the adult preened and tended a single very small nestling. It was touching to see how very gentle the adult was when feeding the nestling and when moving about in the nest.

American Robin feeding.

American Robing feeding a nice, big, juicy worm to it’s hungry young.

Father Sandhill Crane and Colt

Privy to a special moment: Dad Sandhill Crane searches for wood bugs with his first hatched, a 3-day old colt. Photographed at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in late May 2016.

Robin’s feeding

Mother Robin dripping nutrition for her babies.

Roseate Spoonbill Nest

This Roseate Spoonbill nest was located in a rookery in southern Louisiana. Many different species of birds nest at the rookery, including herons,egrets and spoonbills. Alligators also live there, eating all of the nest predators for the birds.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology