Nest watch of Common Iora

Nest of Common Iora in Rajshahi University campus is very common.

Nest watch of Asian Paradise Flycatcher

In Rajshahi University campus Asian Paradise Flycatcher is very common. They build nest every year and Bird watchers come here to see this bird.

Nest watch of Black-crown Night Heron

In Rajshahi University campus a heronry is created since 2009. Each year thousand of nest build here of which Black-crown Night Heron is dominant.

Nest of Little Greb

In 2015 a pair of Little Greb build a nest in a pond and laid 5 five eggs. The eggs are hatched successfully. It was the first time to trace nest of Little Greb in this campus, though the Grebs are found since 2010 during their breeding season. However, the Little Grebs are common in this region.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology