Mom Owl Babies and Squirrel

As I photographed the Great Horned Owl nest a Gray Squirrel ran up the tree with nesting material, she had a nest just three feet above the owls. Mom didn’t seem to care, but the little ones were interested and watched the Squirrel go by several times.

Triplet Great Horned Owls

Triplet Great Horned Owls on a rainy day not long before the fledged.

Great Horned Owl baby checking who’s below

Four baby owls watched by many at the historic Old Pen

Eastern Screech-Owl Parent Sleeping on Window Ledge

Our urban, backyard nest box yielded an animated brood of Eastern Screech-Owls. Once the owlets were big enough to climb up and peek out of the nest box opening and take up most of the room in the box, the parents started spending their afternoons dozing in trees etc. nearby. One day we discovered the female snoozing on our window ledge about 10 feet from the tree with the nest box in it – close enough to keep an eye on the nest but far enough away for some peace and quiet!

Short-eared Owlets on Ground Nest

While travelling along a flat, dirt road surrounded by tundra, an adult Short-eared Owl was easily seen flying off its nest. A bit of careful and mindful searching resulted in this photo of the nest with owlets and even some crushed eggs in the right foreground.

Eastern Screech-Owlet in Maple Tree

We had three Eastern Screech-Owlets fledge from our backyard nest box. Two or three days later we heard a group of smaller birds mobbing a maple tree a few yards over. Sure enough, the owl family was hiding out there and the smaller birds were letting everyone know. The owlets were very curious and cute checking us out at the base of the tree.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology