Rain Storm: Mother robin protecting her young

In 2015 we were fortunate to have a pair of robins build a nest in a very large maple tree next to our deck. We watched (and I photographed from a ladder-blind and 300 mm lens) the parents feed and raise the young. One very stormy, rainy night, while I was protected under the deck’s roof, I looked at the nest and shot this one photo of the wet mother doing all she could to keep her young dry and warm. The next morning all were fine and things were back to normal.


Under my Wing

A young American Oystercatcher seeks the safety and comfort of his parent. Jr. is getting too big to fit but mom does her best to comfort him.

Bluebirds meet Red Bellied Woodpecker

I was taking photos of blue bird babies and their parents in my front yard when a red bellied woodpecker flew in. The baby blue bird was mesmerized by it.

Fly away Bluebird!

My Bluebird babies fledged 4 days apart. How lucky I was to see the female leave the nest the final time!


while watching for eagles at their nesting area, this one came in and was tugging and tugging on this branch, he was determined to get it, he was unable to get it.

great Blue Heron with twig

Watched this heron build the nest, one of eight in the stand of trees.

Cleaning up after the chicks

Removing a fecal sack from the nest area.

Nesting Red Tail Hawks under attack!

I watched a mated pair of Red Tail Hawks near my home throughout their courtship, nest building, and hunting to provide food for their babies. These birds were under serious attack from Red-winged Blackbirds. The birds were just defending their nests, too, but the attacks soon became relentless! The male Red Tail Hawk had at least 6 Red-winged Blackbirds chasing him when ever I watched him hunting for food. They would even jump on him, and pull out his feathers. I found one of the feathers after this photo was taken! As soon as the babies were out of the nest, the hawks no longer came into the fields where they were being attacked.

Morning Quiet Time

Geese families return yearly to the ponds near 1st Street and Taft Avenue to nest and raise their young.

Looking Blue

The Blue parents take a short break in the evening after feeding 5 ravenous kids since daybreak

Crawfish Etouffe for lunch

We were thrilled to see a loon in one of the ponds at Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge. We have seen them eating fish in the past, but this hungry loon ate a large fish and then showed us his crawfish!

I am home!

These majestic Bald Eagles build a nest in an urban environment – next to Curtner Elementary School in Milpitas, California. What a treat for locals following their nesting cycle!

Stare Down

This Red-tailed Hawk and Mr Squirrel were having a stare down contest while perched only 3 feet apart in the same tree. The hawk must have already eaten.

Dramatic Display

Great Egret courtship display at sunset . . . I never tire of seeing this.

Violet-green Swallow Returns Home

Violet-green swallows have been nesting in my yard for 15 years. Occasionally, a fledgling will return to the nest box for a few minutes to be fed. This year, however, two of them returned to the nest box and stayed overnight and most of the following day before leaving a second time. This is one of the young that returned.
I have never seen this behavior before in violet-green swallows.

Dark-Eyed Junco Nest

Territorial Display of the Common Loon

The loon family was having a peaceful morning in a quiet bay when another loon decided to land on the lake about fifty meters away. Goodbye peace and quiet. Both parents decided the visitor was too close to their chick. This is the female ‘walking’ on water, creating lots of splash and hopefully chasing the intruder off.

Momma’s Home!

This attentive mother osprey had been on the nest, watching over her two young chicks. She must have spotted a fish near the water’s surface not far away, because she flew perhaps 20 yards away and plopped down into the water. Unfortunately, the fish escaped her grasp. I was able to snap this shot as she returned to her nest to be welcomed by her chicks.

you looking for me

barn owl doesn’t miss much

Tight Squeeze

There were two days between all nestlings hatching, with the first hatched visibly larger. While fledging this jumbo fledgling hogged the entrance hole. A determined sibling, ready to fledge pushed and shoved, and finally squeezed underneath the entrance hog, making double decker fledglings. The smaller fledgling continued its mission and managed to shove the larger sibling out the hole with itself right under it. I’ve seen many birds fledge but this was the funniest, and one that I will always remember.

Early Lessons Learned

I had spent two summers with an Osprey family on a nearby farm when I witnessed this fledgling just learning to fly and being repeatedly jumped on by this Red-winged Blackbird.

Kestrel and Robin

I had spent many hours in a hide near a Kestrel box at a nearby farm. Finally patience paid off and one late afternoon the female came in clearly exhausted, perching with one talon while barely hanging on to this headless robin with the other. After a few moments of rest, she took off for the nest only to return to the perch with her prey to partially dismember it presumably to get rid of non-essential portions of the carcass.

Owl Parents

Dinosaur in the Trees

Caught this Pileated Woodpecker in my backyard this morning.

Western Bluebirds

Follow the Leader.

I happened to have my camera ready when these babies struck this pose.

Sisterly Love

These two female American Kestrel fledglings had only ben out of the nesting box for less than 24 hours when this photo was taken. The sisters found comfort in each others company as they waited for the parent birds to bring food as they had not yet learned to hunt.

Song sparrow eating

A song sparrow eating at the feeder.

Where’s Mama?

Eastern Bluebirds in Natural Cavity

I was lucky enough to discover this natural cavity with three nestlings while on vacation. I watched for several days as the male and female fed them. They all fledged successfully before I left.

No Robins Zone

This robin thought it would be okay to take a break on a swallow’s nest box. The robin was mistaken.

Bluebird Tag

Baby Bluebird chasing dad from post to post.

I Fledged Today

I had been observing this Northern Cardinal in his nest tucked away in a stand of bamboo. Watching him daily until the day he fledged. He landed a short distance on a crape myrtle tree near the stand of bamboo.

Sunbathing Lesson

This adult Black-capped Chickadee was either sunbathing or anting on this old snag. The young Black-capped Chickadee seemed to be observing this behavior. After the adult finished, the young bird assumed the same position on the snag, and replicated the adult’s behavior for a period of at least five minutes.

Mama Goose and her Goslings

While visiting my sister in Minnesota, I captured this image of a Mama Goose leading her 12 goslings to the nearby lake. They followed her in a lovely line across the neighborhood road, into the grass, and down into the water.

watch out squirrell

the brown thrasher has a nest in the bush and every time the squirrel comes close to it the thrasher raises his wings and chases him off.

Brown Fish Owl


Summer Loving

I was laying in the sand photographing least tern chicks when this pair started their dance. The male will hold the fish and walk around flicking it showing that he has his gift, the female will follow laying down and continue doing so until he mounts her and gives her the fish..

White-breasted Nuthatch

Time to bring in the soft part of the nest. Such a good momma.

Playing peek-a-boo

I saw some movement in this hole in a tree so I took a closer look, I didn’t hang around too long I didn’t want anyone to miss a meal.

Keeping Dry!

Canada Goose Mom protecting chicks from rain.

Front Porch Family

Pictures were taken out the front door hiding behind wreath on the door.

Pas de deux

a male common golden eye with a female

Home is where my family is

a female merganser with her babies

Nest remodel

In watching this osprey nest, I’ve noticed a pattern. One adult brings in a fish, which the other adult then feeds to the baby and itself. The adult that did the feeding then flies to the river, brings in a stick, and does a little nest remodeling. This is the delivery of one such stick, with the baby looking on.

Burrowing Owlet

Tufted Titmouse Looking for Nesting Material

Not often does a wild bird come and land on your body. This tufted titmouse was interested in my leg hair for nesting material.

Kids will be kids

While the adult looked on, the two wood stork nestlings were biting each other and jostling around in the nest. It seemed playful.

Young Robins

The nest of Robins was in a small sprue tree in our backyard.

Posing for a Portrait

These are a pair of young eagles taken after they fledged from their nest upstream. This particular spot is right next to a river where they can learn how to catch fish. When I walked to the river bank, I was not expecting them to be perched directly in front of me, and was afraid that they would fly away, but they simply stared at me with my camera and sat quietly for this portrait.

Time to fly

Two chicks lived in this bird house for 3 weeks. The stronger of the two flew off . All night I could hear the little one chirping , so sad. I was afraid it would not leave the house. The Male Eastern Blue Bird flew in often to encourage with long talks. Finally it flew off after Dad

Male Eastern Blue Bird

Male Eastern Blue bird feeding a bug before the flight out of the nest.


While sitting on the porch in Maine, I heard chirping coming from the trees. I spotted these 3 newly fledged Eastern Phoebes perched on a branch. When I took this photo, I wasn’t aware that I had captured the dragon fly being eaten. I remember seeing the little one opening & closing his beak, not realizing he was trying to get this dragon fly down his throat. I love surprises.

Afraid to fly

Two Eastern Blue Birds had 2 little chicks. The strongest of the 2 flew off and left the other alone. The little chick so afraid to fly . It carried all night so alone, so afraid to fly . I was afraid this little guy would be left in the nest. The Male Eastern Blue Bird came in several times to try and encourage the little chick , as to say it is ok fellow me. many talks, finally the little chick watched his Dad and flew after him.


I took this shot of the male Eastern Bluebird coming into the terra cotta birdhouse I have in my backyard here in Fort Walton Beach, FL, for a feeding. A family of three, the mated pair and one female, I’m guessing from the previous year all took turns feeding and watching over the nest.

Barn Swallows Getting Ready to Fly

This was taken from our front porch where the barn swallows nest every year. We love having them and love watching them grow and get ready to leave the nest.

Spread Wings for Landing

Eastern Bluebirds waking up From Roosting

I never saw in my life all of the baby bluebirds together. This is the first clutch. Also all 5 are there too. Normally after fledging one disappears.

Fledging orioles

During the course of a 30 minute observation two Baltimore oriole nestlings fledged as the adult male made several trips delivering food to the nestlings. In addition to photographing the nest and fledges the event was videoed; alas the site does not allow for video submissions.

Canada geese on Mother’s Day

I captured these geese on Mother’s Day.

There’s One in Every Clutch

Mother Bluebird patiently waiting (over a period of at least ten minutes) for the last baby to fledge

Sandhill Crane Colts

An hours-old Sandhill Crane colt stays warm while getting a piggyback ride from mom. The Sandhill Crane colt in front is a day old. Minutes before this picture was taken, the colts had lots of energy and were play fighting, pushing each other and knocking each other down on the nest. Guess it was time for a break!

Great Blue Heron Nest

There are several Great Blue Heron nests in this rookery, and most of the Great Blue Herons had fledged. This nest was one of the few left that was still home to nestlings. One of the parents (top right) looks like she’s ready for them to fledge!

I got it

The second photo of the handing off of a bird to feed the chicks.

Don’t drop it

We were at Point Fermin hoping to get a photo of the Peregrine Falcons. When we looked up the male caught a small bird and transferred it to the female who is upside down for the hand off. She almost dropped the bird.

Feed me NOW!!

Several pines in my yard died…they were to tall and to close to the house to remain…had the trees topped off at twenty-five to thirty feet and left the rest for the birds…was not disappointed…got to watch several nest cavities constructed and several clutches raised of several types of woodpeckers…this pic was taken thru my sun roof as I pulled into the driveway…this 30 ft stump is the one I park my car next too…often trees have to come down for safety reasons…but they don’t have to come down all the way…leave what you can…if you are like me you will not be disappointed.

A responsible parent!

A responsible mother who is looking after his fledgling baby!

When do we eat?

European Starling adult was getting food from backyard suet feeder to feed the two youngsters.

Bird on branch

There was a nest in the tree but I don’t know if it was this birds nest?

Curious Osprey

This photo was taken from our boat in the intracoastal waterway heading into Clearwater Pass. The next is built on a channel marker.

House Wren setting up House

This Wren spent days prepping a nest. Unfortunately the English Sparrows chased her off and moved in. We quickly remedied the situation by modifying the “front door” to the perfect wren size. The modification was a success and the wren was able to reclaim her home!

Parrot out of Place

Many years ago, an aeroplane was flying over head carrying animals. One of the crates broke and all its contents escaped, flying free (but mostly in our back garden!)

Parents Stand Guard as the Fledgling Emerges

Parent standing guard as fledgling emerges

Swimming predator

I was sitting on the shore watching for the birds and saw this eagle sitting on the rock. Suddenly it flew circles and dove but then couldn’t but swim back to his rock as he carried something long that I couldn’t see clearly. It took him several minutes to swim back and start poking the catch.

baby green heron takes it first flight.

Three days these four baby green herons sat and were fed on this branch until one of them jumped ship and went to another bush.

Are you sure all these are mine?

Bring us anything?

This parent had been gone a long time from a rookery behind a shopping center in Port Richey, Florida. Upon return the chicks seemed to be asking, “What did you bring us?” The answer this time was nothing. Featured twice in the “Tampa Tribune,” this rookery is the site of the 2016 winning Audubon photo by Melissa Groo, one of the top nature and conservation photographers in America.

The Brightest

Barn Hill Preserve in Ethel, LA has free flying macaws that were rescued from abuse and neglect.


Perching between its nest and suet feeder

Downy Woodpecker Nest

A female Downy Woodpecker takes off from her nest to find more food. The Downy Woodpecker parents would show up every few minutes. You could hear the peeping from the nestlings when the parents showed up.

Blue footed Mom and Babe

Ground nest

Baby Heron

It had rained earlier in the day and suddenly these divine creatures appeared.

Food is on the way

While observing a local Bald Eagle nest with twin Eaglets, I watched this adult bring a White-Tailed Fawn to the nest.

Tree Swallow Mating Time

I was lucky enough to snap this photo of the tree swallows mating on a garden hook in my backyard. The tree swallows raised a beautiful family in my nesting box.

Pushed out the door

After being fed by his dad, this young male nestling was steadily shoved out of the nest box by his sister. The male finally gave in to the inevitable and fledged, flying steadily about 100 feet to a tree, closely followed by his dad. The impatient sister fledged 1 or 2 minutes later in a different direction, followed by mom. 2 or 3 siblings fledged next morning. I think this is a better photo, from full video uploaded to NestWatch site.

Elegant Camouflage

Soon the last chick will fledge from the ultimate of nest concealment.

Dog fur is good for nesting material!

Mockingbird and black racer

This adult mockingbird had a chick in a shrub in my yard. Unfortunately, this racer decided to crawl through my lawn. The adult bird pounced, pecked and harassed it, until it went into hiding.

Bluebird on a mission

Watched a pair of Bluebirds hurrying to create a nest in our neighbor’s box… trying to defend their turf from the House Sparrows. But, alas, the Sparrows always seem to win the fight.

Racer snake digests baby Wrens

A noisy batch a wrens had hatched and mom & dad were quite attentive. But this young Racer snake was hungry, too. After devouring all of the babies, it sunned itself.

Climbing out on gossamer wings

This photograph of a black-chinned hummingbird fledgling was her second flight. She fledged a bout 1 minute before this photo was taken.

Nikon D810, 300mm f/8 at 1/1250 sec. ISO 1600

Stellar Jay

Stellar Jays are always in motion, but this little guy’s attention was held by a nearby female. As he posed, I got the shot.

Eye-rolling Mama

This baby House Finch followed her Mama relentlessly for several days. The parents had about five chicks but this one would not learn to fins her own food and constantly demanded to be fed. I think the Mama gor fed up and just rolled her eyes. The whole scene was comical and I’m happy I was there to document it.

What is this strange creature?

A baby gull on the coastal cliffs sits up to look at a passing Ground Squirrel.

Bluebird with nesting material

After the first clutch fledged, the male took mostly care of the babies while the female started building another nest. Here she carries some needles.


Time to leave the nest

Cardinal pair bond

Taken while photographing from a blind and watching these two cardinals tending to a fledgling, when they started to dance and display, reinforcing their bonds . I was lucky to capture them in this very expressive moment

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology