Northern Flicker, Blue Jay and a Sparrow

I was thrilled to see the a Northern Flicker, a Blue Jay and a Sparrow eating peacefully together at our bird feeder!

Beligerant Baby Blue Jay

This baby Blue Jay was not the least bit intimidated by my dog barking at it.

Feeding time for baby Blue Jay

Adult Blue Jay feeding juvenile with food taken from suet feeder.

Short midday nap.

While out checking my yard, I found this Blue Jay taking a nap near my boat. There were no adults around until other birds discovered it and three adults came to its rescue.

Blue Jaayyy…Jaayyy…Jaayyy!

Little Blue Jay chick joined us for a chat in the backyard while parents perched nearby.

5 Blue Jays Fledglings Sleeping

In the 7 years of observing several Blue Jays very closely, I have never seen any of them have 5 offspring. I have always only seen the maximum of 3. These little ones have been out of the nest for over two weeks!

Blue Jay Fledgling and Parent

We have had many blue jay youngsters in our yard this year. I kept hearing the fledglings begging for food from the parents, yet had been unable to get a shot of this until this pair landed on our squirrel feeder platform.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology