Blue herons building the nest

In a local heron rookery, I observed these too bickering over where to put the sticks.


Excited young Great Blue Herons perk up as an adult comes back in to feed them.

Great Blue Stand Off

These Great Blue Heron couldn’t quite see eye to eye on setting up house. Hopefully they got it all worked out.

Great Blue Heron Begin Nest Building

During a Space Coast Birding festival I had the opportunity to photograph at the Viera Wetlands where these Great Blue Heron were setting up the nest

A pair of Great Blue Herons on a nest

A pair of Great Blue Herons on a nest in a rookery in Tampa Bay

Bay Great Blue Herons

baby goat blue herons in a rookery in Tampa Bay

Great Blue Heron Nest

There are several Great Blue Heron nests in this rookery, and most of the Great Blue Herons had fledged. This nest was one of the few left that was still home to nestlings. One of the parents (top right) looks like she’s ready for them to fledge!

Eat first! Groom later.

Juvenile Great Blue Heron out fishing on his own.

Got em’!

Juvenile Great Blue Heron working on his fishing skills.

GBH Romance

While at the Viera Wetlands, I watched this GBH pair building their nest. The male would fly to gather the materials often just 20-30 yards from the nest tree. He would select a stick, return to the nest and present the stick to the female who would then carefully place the stick in just the right place. When the stick was in its final spot, the male would then fly to get the next one.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology