Killdeer eggs hatching

I came across a Killdeer nest just as the eggs started hatching.

One brave bird!

This Killdeer was nesting between the railroad tracks next to a commuter train platform. I find it interesting that in a place so dangerous to humans or predatory animals she found safety for her nest. Her nest was in the open but I’m sure went unnoticed by the vast majority of people using the platform and those who may have noticed it wouldn’t dare venture close to it for fear of the rail traffic. Commuter and freight trains regularly passed virtually right over top of her.

Comes out running

Killdeer chick

Nothing to see here!

Killdeer Family Home

Killdeer often select bad places to build nests. This couple built their nest in landscaping stones near a busy driveway. So far they have survived the full incubation period and the first egg has hatched. This is a point during the change of responsibility when one parent relieves the other sitting on the nest. At this point the parent that has been sitting on the nest has just stood up to leave and the arriving parent has not yet settled down over the eggs.

Natural Camouflage

A nest build on a service road in the park. I didn’t know anything was there until mom tried to lure me away.

Day-old killdeer

A killdeer chick, less than 24 hours old, is already able to run about and forage for itself.

Killdeer Chick nap time

This two day old Killdeer Chick looked like it was needing a dark place to take a nap.

Killdeer eggs

Second nest attempt at the wetlands.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology