Loggerhead Shrikes

These Loggerhead Shrike chicks were very impatient and wanted to be fed!

loggerhead Shrike Chicks

These Loggerhead Shrike chicks were very hungry!

Loggerhead Shrike Feeding It’s Chick!

This Loggerhead Shrike is feeding a very hungry chick! (If you would like to see the life story of the loggerhead Shrike you can go to (Loggerhead Shrike Life Story In Pictures Philip Rathner pbase)

Loggerhead Shrikes Hatchlings!

I have been watching a nesting pair of Loggerhead Shrikes for the past 4 years. They nest in virtually the same area each year, so I have been able to photograph some interesting nesting shots! In this photo these hungry hatchlings are being feed. When hatched they are blind and featherless. Fact: Though classified as a songbird this bird has a bird of preys attitude, it is the only bird that impales it’s prey!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology