Juvenile Mockingbird


Decorating the Nursery

A pair of Northern Mockingbirds built this lovely nest in my neighbor’s rose bush. I’m not sure if they placed the petals in the nest or if they just fell in, but they coordinated beautifully with the pink string that the birds had woven in.


Perching between its nest and suet feeder

Mockingbird and black racer

This adult mockingbird had a chick in a shrub in my yard. Unfortunately, this racer decided to crawl through my lawn. The adult bird pounced, pecked and harassed it, until it went into hiding.

Mockingbird Nest

Mockingbird Babies

“Singing” Mockingbird Babies

Fledgling Mockingbird Demanding Dinner

Of the five fledglings, this one demanded to be fed constantly. (S)he used every tactic possible–feet stomping, tweeting, stretching its mouth open, chasing its parent, and lifting its backside as high as it could go. (S)he wouldn’t take, “No”, for an answer!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology