Sandhill Crane Colts

An hours-old Sandhill Crane colt stays warm while getting a piggyback ride from mom. The Sandhill Crane colt in front is a day old. Minutes before this picture was taken, the colts had lots of energy and were play fighting, pushing each other and knocking each other down on the nest. Guess it was time for a break!

Sandhill Crane Colt

A days-old Sandhill Crane colt stretches its tiny wings while a parent works on finding food.

Feeding time

Family of Sandhill cranes at the Circle B Bar reserve

Sandhill crane baby

Found this family of Sandhill cranes at Circle B Bar preserve.


These are 2 Sandhill crane chicks following their parents around pecking for food at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk Co., Florida

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology