Violet-green Swallow Returns Home

Violet-green swallows have been nesting in my yard for 15 years. Occasionally, a fledgling will return to the nest box for a few minutes to be fed. This year, however, two of them returned to the nest box and stayed overnight and most of the following day before leaving a second time. This is one of the young that returned.
I have never seen this behavior before in violet-green swallows.

Feeding Time at the Gourd

Each year Violet Green Swallows next in this gourd on our back porch. This year they did not nest until June. Picture was taken July, 4th, about 8:00 AM. Canon EOS Rebel with a 75-300mm, f/4-5.6, zoom lens was used with a tripod.


This was the first time I witnessed the mating of Violet green swallows in the herb bed.

Feeeding the babies

Season after Season violet green swallows build their nest in this vent 30 feet above the ground level. I do not get to see the nest or the eggs. However, I get to see the fledglings a couple of weeks before they take of.I see their little heads peeping out of the vent. I hear them chirp, see their hungry mouths wide open. the parents check on them frequently and feed them, This is one such ocassion

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